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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

February 27, 2014

To me es a blessing... :)

¡Hola mi familia!!

     The weeks here pass so quickly it feels like it was just P day!! The days are pretty much all the same here. We wake up at 6:30 get to class by 7 study for an hour then head to breakfast, sammie the food is pretty good here most of the time but lately it´s been a lot of weird things. After breakfast we have language study, coaching, and gospel fundamentals with our morning teacher Hermano Sanchez. We also teach Hermano Sanchez in the morning who pretends to be an investigator. Around 11:30 we go to Gym for an hour, which is one of the best parts of the day because we play volleyball and basketball with our district and zone. After gym is lunch and then the worst part of the day, TALL. It´s pretty much like the mormon version of Rosetta Stone except everything is related back to the gospel and it´s much harder and super boring!!!! Everyone in our district has fallen asleep during TALL. After TALL we teacher our afternoon teacher Hermana Olmos and then we do more language study and gospel classes. At 6:30 we have dinner and then we have another language study just by ourselves and then another additional study time for whatever we want. By the time we get back to our casas we are all so tired!!

     But the program that they´ve got going here at the CCM really works and I have been able to really see it this week. I started off the week, It was acutally around last friday, still feeling like I wasn´t making much progress with the language and then I said a prayer for our class and Hermana Olmos was really impressed with it so that made me feel a lot better!! We also got new missionaries in our zone this week. There are only two hermanas in that district and they are on the same level that I was when I first came here. It was so nice to see my growth and progression. Especially when Hermano Sanchez was talking to them really fast in Spanish and I was able to translate everything he was saying for them!! Woot, woot!!! :) And the total kicker was that I taught a lección completely in spanish without writing anything down on my notebook!!! That happened yesterday and it went so well!! I had been wanting to do that for about a week now and I was finally able to convince Hermana Jennings to do it! By no means was it perfect but it was so much better than any of our other leccións!!
Other news for this week: I finally got Grandma´s valentines package!! Please tell her that I loved it and it was really special. A couple people in my district including me have been feeling under the weather, but don´t worry all is well in Zion, and we are all back to fighting missionary strength!
Way to be Sammie on your cheer competitions!!! That´s awesome that you´ve been grand champs three times in a row!!! Luke thanks for emailing me!!
     So your probably wondering about the subject line of my email. Elder Mamea is a poly from Hawaii and he talks like a FOB, fresh off the boat, or at least that´s what Hermana Seumanu says, also a poly. Anyways he talks funny and he says "To me es a blessing.." whenever something goes bad but he chooses to look at it in a positive light. We all say it a lot to tease him but it really is a good message that has really applied to me here at the CCM. Spanish was really hard at first, and still is, but it being hard makes it so much more worth it now!!!

Love you all so much!!!! Hasta luago!!! 
Hermana Kammeyer

P.S. One picture is from last p day and its with all of the sisters in my district after we played kickball with our zone. And the other one was taken right after I put my name tag on!

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