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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

March 31, 2014

This isn't the Language they taught me at the MTC! :)


     Wow, this week has been so busy and crazy! On Tuesday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders so I went with one of them to Maze Kansas which is about thirty minutes away from Newton. It was really nice to go with her and I learned so much. I also realized that Newton is kinda of a dump compared to other towns like Maze... but that's okay I still love it here and the people are amazing!
So I really just wanted to quote "The Best Two Years," it is the same language but with a different accent! :) I'm not progressing as fast as I would like but I know that as long as I keep working hard and always practicing that the Lord will bless me with the gift of tongues. I had to remind myself that a few times this week because I can't really understand much of what is being said in the lessons so it makes it really hard for me to jump in and teach something. But like I said earlier I just need to keep on working! :)

     The weather here in Kansas is sooooooo crazy!! One day it will be fairly nice weather and the next day it will be freezing cold and raining. And the wind is always blowing!! My hair is always flying all over the place so today I'm going to get it cut, I haven't decided how short though. We do get a car though which is super nice! It's a Chevy Cruz and I think it's last year's model, I love it so much! I was a little scared of driving though at first, since Hna. Fernadez is from Spain she can't drive here so that means I get to drive, especially since I hadn't driven in like two months. But all is well, we haven't died yet so that's a blessing! :) The only downside of being the driver is that I can't use that time to go over lessons or work on my Spanish all that much, because I can't focus on driving if I try to talk to Hermana Fernandez in Spanish. Oh, and we switch of sharing the car with the Spanish Elders (There are 6 missionaries serving in Newton and two more within the ward boundaries) so on Wednesday we had a fun adventure! After I got back from exchanges we had the Training Sisters drop us off at an Old lady's house at the edge of town. When we finished our appointment there we walked for forty-five minutes in the rain and wind to get to our appointment with a woman named Kelly. We both had umbrella's which was super nice and it wasn't that bad. Even through the bad weather I was able to stay happy and upbeat! :) The Spanish Elders felt so bad for us that they let us have the car for the rest of the day which was so nice! And on Thursday we all got a great present.... drum roll please.... a BRAND NEW CAR!!!!!! Well at least brand new to our area but that means we don't have to share anymore!!! 

     Our teaching pool is really big especially when you think that there is like six missionaries in the same town. We're only allowed to teach females but we can teach a man if there is another woman present. We have two people on date for baptism later this month but we'll see if that really happens, I hope so! Here's a little about some of my favorite Investigators. The first is Kelly. She's a mom of three cute kids and is probably in her early thirties. She's been meeting with the missionaries for over six months now. She has a really strong love for and desire to follow Christ and she has a solid testimony. She would have been baptized by now except that she is a functionally alcoholic. So you never know what's going to happen when we visit her (which is everyday). We read a chapter from the book of mormon every visit and we are so excited for her because she is going to rehab in three weeks! Two of our other investigators are named Maria and Carla. Maria is the mother of one of the Spanish Elders investigators named Rigo. We've talked with him a few time and he is amazing and his desire to be baptized is really helping us with Maria and Carla! And they both showed up to the Spanish Sacrament meeting yesterday!!!

     The members are wonderful here and they are always so willing to cook dinner for us and to drop everything to help us out by coming to an appointment with us! The Spanish members are especially loving. Yesterday was Hermana Fernandez's birthday and after church the had a cake for her and we all sang to her and one family even got her a present! Then the Medina family asked us to come over to their house last night because they had something for her. I was thinking that it was going to be another cake but what they did even better! Hermana Fernadez's family contacted them and sent them a video/slide-show to show to her. It was so cute! It was a bunch of photo's of her growing up and then all of her family members recorded a message wishing her happy birthday! Now Mom, don't get any ideas!

     We were able to go to the General Women's meeting on Saturday and I loved it so much! I'm pretty sure that we'll watch general conference in the chapel this weekend, which is so weird that I won't be able to watch it in my PJ's! I'm so excited for this weekend, it can't get here soon enough!!
Well I hope I've given you guys a good email! I love it here and I'm having a great time, challenging but totally worth it!!
Hermana Kammeyer

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