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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 5, 2014

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! :)

Hola, cada uno!! :)

     I can't believe how fast time flies on a mission. The first night I was here I was talking to a Sister Missionary who had been out on her mission for 12 months and she said something like this, "On your mission time is weird. But one thing that I've learned about it is that there is Celestial Time. When you follow God's commandments with exactness and lose your self in the work time moves faster because you are closer to becoming a Celestial Being." Cool, right?!?! I've been out on a mission for three months now, I know that's not very long but hey, and it feels like I just left the CCM yesterday and home the day before that! So I'm going to take that a good sign that I'm losing myself in the Lord's work. :)

     So this week we're finally off the improvement plan!!!!! We have a investigator named Kelly who has such a strong testimony and wants to get baptized so badly but she has a really strong alcohol addiction. But she was scheduled to go into rehab this week so on Monday we invited her to be baptized the week after she gets out, which is three days before Hermana Fernandez will leave Newton. She was so excited when we asked and she didn't even have to think about saying yes!! It was awesome!! So was so excited that she called to set up her entrance appointment into rehab right after she said yes. While she was on the phone she started to get upset. We she finished her call she said that they had told her that she because she had a job now, she's been to this rehab place before for drugs, they wouldn't help her pay for it. So she didn't end up going into rehab this week but she is still looking into different ways that she can get help with paying for it. So long story short they were not lying when they said that once you say yes to baptism Satan is going to come at you full force!!

     Transfers were this week and thankfully the Newton district wasn't messed up to much. We got two new Elders and only one Elder left (we had a trio of Elders if you were confused). So that's been a little weird this week but the new Elders are great and it's still a party in the Newton District! :)

     I've said this before but the weather here in Kansas is so weird!!! The beginning of this week was sooooooooo cold and then the end of the week was ridiculously hot!! (Yesterday was 102 degrees Fahrenheit) And since the trio split up we have to go back to sharing the car with the Spanish Elders so next week we get to walk around in this weather ALL DAY!! Oh, and we haven't had a tornado here yet! Every other state around Kansas has had a tornado but we are still tornado-less!!! What is this ?!?!?! Go home Kansas your drunk!!!
This week has been the attack of the old ladies week!! We taught so many old ladies with so many different problems it was ridiculous!! The funniest one was an old lady named Rosa. She speaks Spanish and English perfectly so she kept on changing between the two languages so that was fun but not the best part! Drum roll please .... she can't remember anything! Now I know exactly how Marlin from Finding Nemo felt when he was talking to Dory!! She asked like five times if we missed our family. The first time we were like "Not really," then it was "Every now and then," and then by the fifth time I wanted to say "I didn't before but I sure do NOW!!" But no worries all is well now and Hermana Fernandez and I had a good laugh about it afterwards.

     This month in the Kansas Wichita Mission is Miracle May!! So we did a mission wide fast on the first, for miracles this month and every night the Zone Leaders send out a voicemail from one companionship in the Zone that had had a miracle that day. It has been so cool!! The Lord has definitely prepared the people here in Kansas and I am so grateful to be here!!

     During my personal study this week I've been reading in third Nephi when the savior comes and visits the people there and I have also been studying from PMG (Preach My Gospel) about the importance of the Book of Mormon and two quotes really stuck out to me. The first is from Pres. Packer and it says "In a world ever more dangerous... the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ has the nourishing power to heal starving spirits of the world." The second one is from Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Please do not take the Book of Mormon for granted. Pray for a vision of how the Book of Mormon can be used more effectively in your mission. I promise that as you do so, your mind will be enlightened with the direction that you should take." I know that the Book of Mormon is so powerful because it is the only way that we can know for a surety that this church is true. My perspective on the importance of the Book of Mormon has changed so much since I've been here on my mission. I've seen how it can change the lives of the people who read it and it is truly a gift from God!

     That's pretty much it for this week. Lots of lessons taught and lots of lessons learned! Pretty much your average week in the life of a missionary. Love you all and have a great week!!

                                                     Hermana Kammeyer

P.S.- Happy Cinco de Mayo!! AKA my birthday!! :) The Big 20!!! Woohoo!!! :)

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