Wichita, Kansas Spanish speaking Mission!

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 16, 2015


Hola Todos,

     This week went really well. We are seeing a lot of progress with some of our investigators! We had an awesome Church Tour with a girl named Vidi. She's been a little shaky about being baptized but she has been loving everything that we've taught her. During the tour of the Church she was really feeling the spirit so we all knelt down in front of the baptismal font and she asked Heavenly Father if she needed to be baptized. When she finished we asked her what she thought the spirit was telling her and she said, "That I need to get baptized, pronto!" It was so amazing to see how she was able to recognized the spirit and what it was telling her and now she's on date for the 4th of April!

     Tender Mercy! Right before Vidi's to
ur we pulled up to the Church and almost all of the Youth from Newton were there!! It was so awesome! They were like "Is that Sister Kammeyer?!?!" and then the girls like ran up and hugged/ tackled me! :) There are so many perks when you serve in Wichita!!! :)

     We also had fun this week teaching a really interesting family. It's been interesting because the Husband (Clarence) only speaks English and his wife Ana only speaks Spanish. So it's been really fun and hard because we've had to had two separate lessons every time we've seen them which is really hard for me because I'll be the one teaching in Spanish and I'll get distracted by people speaking English right next to me! Ah, it was so crazy! But we've enlisted the help of the English Elders and we've got a system worked on for teaching them now, phew! :)

     We are doing great here in Wichita! We are learning from our mistakes and growing from them everyday! It's so awesome to see the changes that are happening not only in our lives but also in the lives of those we teach! The Gospel really is the greatest thing EVER!! :)
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Let your light shine and be the person that Heavenly Father needs you to be today! I love you all so much!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Kammeyer

Newton Kids!
Alejandra Torres (member) and her CUTE baby!

March 9, 2015

Pass me the Ukelele man

Hola Todos!

     This week was really good. I can't really remember what happened earlier in the week other than that it was a good week. Sorry, I'm getting old so that means a really bad memory. :)

     So Saturday Morning I had a pretty crazy experience that I get to add to the journal. :) I got to translate for the Stake Relief Society auxiliary leadership training.... for three hours! My brain felt like mush but the time the meeting was over and I had a hard time speaking English the rest of the day. But the Gift of Tongues is real and it was super interesting to me and really spiritual to see everything that goes into the Relief Society. So, Mom you are awesome!

     Hna Dahl also got a Ukulele Sent to her this weekend so on Saturday Night we had a fun Ukulele jam session. You can expect to see our up coming hit single "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat," is stores near you soon! :) Haha

     Yesterday we had a totally left field miracle! The two investigators that we were expecting to be called and said that they were sick so we were pretty bummed that we weren't going to have anyone at Church but then a recent convert brought her grandma to Church and we started talking with her and she's really interested in learning about the gospel!! So Heavenly Father does definitely provide you with miracles if you are working hard.
The weather was also FANTASTIC this weekend! And usually I don't like daylight savings but now we have more light to work with so it is now officially awesome! We finished off the week with having Family Home Evening with a family of recent converts. We played a card game and talked about missionary work and it was so much fun. The kids loved it and just doing family home evening with them once really strengthened my testimony of how important it is. Family Fun Time is so important!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Adios from The Heartland of America!
Hermana Kammeyer

March 2, 2015

Como se dice Barf?

Hola Todos,
     So this week was pretty good except for Friday but I'll get to that later. To start of the week we had an awesome Monday, it was super productive and even though we only had three hours to work we got a TON of work done which was awesome! So cool!
     Then on Tuesday we had exchanges with the STL's and it was really needed. Sister McClees came with me and it was really awesome to talk to her because she just got done training someone so she was able to give me some tips and tricks that I really needed to hear and it helped me realize even more how wonderful Hna Dahl is because she wants to work hard and I don't have to drag her out of bed or anything like that.
     The rest of the week was going pretty strong until Friday rolled up. If you've put two and two together from reading the subject of this email you've probably already figured out that I didn't have a very good day on Friday. I woke up and when I started to exercise I was feeling really weird and as the morning studies progressed I continued to get worse and worse. I was pretty convinced that I had gotten food poisoning from the night before (and because I laughed at the Spanish Elders for getting food poisoning earlier this week so I was just like "karma"). My body was being really stubborn and wouldn't let me just throw up so I could get on with the day so I prayed that I would feel better. And no joke right after I finished my prayer I pretty much started puking my brains out. So Heavenly Father can answer prayers immediately! :) Unfortunately it wasn't food poisoning but it was a 24 hour stomach flu. And to be short in writing the rest of the day was miserable a) because we had to stay inside ALL day b) I was throwing up and just sick all over!

Friday I woke up feeling a lot better, still a little queasy but I was not spending another day inside! And it felt so good to get out and work! I will never take another day of my mission for granted because it is the worst when you can't get out and share the gospel with people.
Sunday church was canceled. :( You can't get anybody to drive in the snow here... at least not in the Spanish Branch. So Sunday didn't really feel like Sunday at all! Whelp that is pretty much it for this week. To answer the question that posed in the subject line you say vomitar. :) (We actually had to look it up so I could call our appointments and cancel so that was a fun experience) I hope you all are doing well and I hope you know that I love you all so much! Espero que tengan un buen semana!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Kammeyer

Distrito 13c reunites again at the Quince last week.
Wichita has a lot of random murals
On exchanges we got lazy so we decided it would be easier to climb through the fence instead of walking around. :) 

February 23, 2015

First Week Miracles! :)

 Hola Todos,

This week was crazy! I can't believe how much happened! This week started off by going around with Hna Wilks and saying goodbye to bunch of goodbyes to investigators and members. And on Tuesday we had a lesson that absolutely freaked me out, because I couldn't understand anything that the investigator was saying!!! I actually felt like I was drowning and then when ever Hna Wilks would talk it was like she was pulling me up for a breath of air and then when she was done talking I would be drowning again! I was like, "AH!!!!! I'm so not going to be able to train!!!!!" But I think that was just Heavenly Father saying "This is what it would be like if you didn't have me." Because I have never been able to understand so much Spanish or SPEAK so much Spanish in my whole life since I started training!!

Wednesday I picked up mi hija a.k.a Hermana Dahl. And she is wonderful! She has a super strong desire to work hard and see miracles and baptize! With her Faith and Hard Work I know that this transfer is going to be awesome!

One of the biggest miracles that happened this week was on Thursday. We it was 7:15 at night and one of our investigators was, "Like can you guys come back in a hour." So we went back to the car without any ideas for what to do. We prayed to know how to use this time and then we realized that we had a Referral that lived close to where we were. Her name is Rosa and we had an awesome lesson with her! Her husband had died two years ago and she was left all alone in Mexico with two young kids. She's struggled a lot with everything that has happened to her since then. So we read with her from 2 Nephi 2:1-2 and talked to her about how God gives us trials to help us be stronger and to bring us closer to Him. Then we talked about baptism and Hna Dahl took it away and invited her to be baptized and she said YES!!!!! It was definitely one of the most spiritual lessons I've ever had! It also taught me how the important the Book of Mormon is in helping people answer the questions that they have in life and it helps us come so much closer to God.

This weekend we also got to go to a Quincenera of one of the members in our branch and that was a lot of fun! It was really interesting to see how much I've grown because we were still teaching and trying to find people to teach even in a setting like that! If you had asked me to do that even just a month ago I don't think I could have!
So this week was awesome and I am so grateful that I get to be one of the Lord's representatives here in the Heartland of America!!! Kansas is the BEST!!!!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Kammeyer

Pics: So I finally filled up my first memory card on my Camera at the Quince... but I also forgot to bring that memory card so these are the only pictures I have of this week, Oops :)

February 17, 2015

I'm Training :)

Hola Todos,

     Whoa, this week has been pretty crazy and it went by so quickly! Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time today. :( #MissionaryProbs

     Transfers are tomorrow and I'll be getting my brand new Missionary! I am so excited! I know that we are going to see so many miracles in this next transfer! I love new missionaries, they are just full of so much faith!

     This weekend we had stake conference and it was really good! The area 70 came and it was a really cool meeting. It was a little stressful for the saturday night session because the Elders had a baptism right before and in typical Spanish Branch style is was about 35 minutes late. I think the whole baptism was like 20 minutes long, fastest baptism ever!!! Crazy, because right after that we had to run into the chapel because the missionaries in the Wichita Stake we're going to do a musical number and we just barely made it in time.

     Well, that's all I have time for today. Ah, transfer craziness! Love you all!

Hermana Kammeyer

February 9, 2015

1 year down....

Hola Todos,
     Well this week went by so fast but it felt like it was forever long again. So like the title of this email says I had my one year mark on my mission this last week. Super Weird! I still feel like it's only been a few months since I started this journey. It definitely doesn't feel like I know as much as a missionary who's been out on their mission for a year. Elders are so lucky that they get two years!

     On Monday we had to go over to the mission office for some quick paper work for Hna Wilks. So the night before we got permission from the Zone Leaders to call the Hermanas serving in the neighboring Spanish branch to go and have lunch with them while we were on the other side of town. It was awesome to see Hna Jennings again, and Elder Grow (she invited him to so we could all have a MTC reunion :D). That was an awesome start to the week.
     One day this week we got to have one of the recent converts in the branch come tracking with us! Fun Right?!? :) Haha we had a blast and we ended up walking like 2 miles but we had a great time and it's just helping him get ready for his own mission. It's awesome to see how the Gospel changes lives because this convert was so incredibly shy and now he comes out with the missionaries everyday and helps us teach people! So awesome! #TheChurchisTrue
     Sunday we had Branch Conference and since we're on the branch counsel we got to go to all of the meetings. It was really coo

l to see more of the administrative part of the church. And my testimony of leadership in the church was strengthened so much! I absolutely love the Stake Presidency here in the Wichita Stake. I also had a lot of fun because I got to translate Sunday School and the combine Relief Society/Priesthood lesson into English for the members of the Stake executive counsel. It was awesome to see how much my Spanish has improved in this last year. But then I was immediately humbled in Sacrament meeting when I had to translate from English into Spanish for the Stake Relief Society President.... yeah, there's still a lot of room for improvement on that end of the spectrum. :)
So this week we worked really really hard... and we didn't get hardly any of the results that we were hoping for. But last night Heavenly Father helped figure out why that happened. I know that if I act on the revelation that he gave me this week will be awesome!!!
I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Kammeyer