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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

March 13, 2014

I wanna be where the people are... :)


     Semana seis en el CMM!! This week has just flown by and I can´t believe that in four days I´ll be in the field!! On Sunday I had to bite the bullet and finally talk in church. The topic was on El Libro de Mormon so it was pretty simple and I was really proud of my Spanish!! For other news this week we finished teaching both of our "investigators" yesterday. It was a great experience to practice with our teachers and I learned a ton but it will be nice when I can teach real people. I also started to read the book of mormon in spanish this week and it is really cool to think that just six weeks ago I didn´t know any Spanish at all. But don´t get too excited I´m really slow and I have to look up about every fourth word, but still it´s progress!! :)

     So the Catholic Church down here is pretty ... um ... well I how do I put this nicely.... noisy. They like to shoot cannons of for pretty much everything and they are sooooooo loud!!! We asked one of the workers what the cannon sound was because we where thinking that there was like a war raging on outside the CCM and we were just clueless. He said that they do it for births, weddings, birthdays, holidays, beginning and ending of sermons, so pretty much just whenever they want. We like to pretend we´re in the Hunger Games, were District 13 so we fit into the story, so whenever a cannon shot goes off we do the three finger salute and then Hermana Seumanu always does Rue´s whistle. You´d think it would´ve gotten old by now but it hasn´t.

     I have loved my experience here at the CCM and I wish you all could see how beautiful it is and what a wonderful place it is. The things that I´m going to miss the most about the CCM are first off my district. We are so close and it´s crazy to think that I´ll never be able to be this close with another group of missionaries again. I´ll also miss my teachers. They are so great and they have helped me learn so much in these past few weeks. The next thing is kinda of a blanket sweep it´s how I can see God´s hand in every aspect of my day. From the beautiful purple trees to the amazing sunsets to how fast we are all learning Spanish!! La Iglesia es verdadero!!! And the last thing is that I´ll really miss not having to worry about what to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! :)
I head out to Kansas super early Tuesday morning and as the days get closer the more excited I get and the more I realize that my life is going to drastically change again! But I know with God´s help all is possible and that all will be well in Zion!

Para siempre Dios este con voz!!
Hermana Kammeyer

P.S. The pictures are of my district with our night teacher Hermana Olmos, it was her last day as a teacher for the CCM because she got a new job as a flight attendant. And the other picture is just a random shot of a street in the CCM.

And I hope you all got the Disney Reference in my email title!! :)

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