Wichita, Kansas Spanish speaking Mission!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12, 2015

God of Miracles!

Hola Mis queridos!

     This week was absolutely amazing!!!! Aw!! Craziness!!! Heavenly Father rained down blessings upon us this week! Day after day we kept seeing miracles happening. There is so much progress happening here in our little Spanish Branch!!! At church Yesterday there were a ton of people, almost more investigators and less actives than regular members! We had 44 people total, yeah!!! And Hermana Wilks and I had two of the families that we are teaching come!!! It was wonderful, I almost cried four times. And one of the reasons is due to all of the progression of the recent converts in our branch. Three out of the four boys doing the sacrament were baptized in the last two months! It was incredible to me to see the changes that have happened in their lives and how they have truly embraced the gospel in their lives. The Church is TRUE!!!!!

     Also this week we were finally able to contact one of the families that we absolutely love this week, Jose and Ernestina. It was awesome seeing them again, so many laughs & good times, and they are progressing and back on tract for their baptism at the end of this month!
Sorry this email is so short but all is well and the Lord is taking care of us and is guiding us to his lost sheep here in Wichita Kansas. I love you all so much and I hope you are able to see the miracles that God is raining down upon you, as well!

Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Kammeyer

January 5, 2015

Church is .... Canceled?

Hola, todos!

     I hope you all had a wonderful Ano Nuevo! So much happened this last week it's kinda hard to believe that it was only one week. This week our District Leader finished his mission, after 26 months he finally went home. And it was interesting having to deal with all of the craziness that happens when someone goes home before transfer day. For New Years we had dinner with some of the Elders recent converts and we had the BEST TAMALES EVER!!!!!!!! So good!!!!! We had left over tamales for dayz!!! So good! We also had a bunch of really awesome lessons through out the week and I am so excited to see the area progressing!!! :)

     We also had some "crazy" weather here. You would've thought that Kansans had never seen snow before with the way they drive! So we've been bundling up pretty tightly this week to try and stay warm. It definitely doesn't snow as much as Utah but it sure does get cold here in Kansas! So Saturday night we probably got 3-4 inches of Snow and they canceled Church!!! We were like "okay, makes since with the Spanish branch because they never leave their houses when it snows. But everyone else?" Out of the 4 wards that meet here in 

     Wichita only one of them wasn't canceled. So you can imagine how packed that sacrament meeting was. It was fun to go to Church with all of the other missionaries in this area but it was so weird because it was a ward full of old white people. I felt way out of place! Hna Wilks and I were like "We need our Spanish Branch!"

So this week is transfer week. Hna Wilks was pretty sure that she would be leaving but I guessed right and she will be staying here with me another Transfer. We're both pumped to be here another transfer and we are determined to see miracles and become the best missionaries that we can be this transfer! I hope you all have a wonderful week and are always able to recognize the tender mercies of the Lord everyday!

Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Kammeyer,

Issac (the dog) hitched a ride with us. He had followed us for 4 blocks until we got to our car so we figured that we should probably bring him back to his owner! :)

Snow Day!

December 29, 2014

... and a Happy New Year! :)

Hola Todos,

     Whoa, it's kinda hard to believe that Chirstmas is over! Hna Wilks and I didn't want it to be Christmas because then all of the Christmas Magic would be over and it was the last (for me only) Christmas as missionaries.

     We had a great time though! On Christmas Eve we went around passing out as many El es la Dadiva (He is the Gift) cards as physically possilbe. We definitely didn't get all of them passed out but I'm proud of the attempt that we made. Then we had dinner that night with some Members and the Spanish Elders and it was a blast. When we got home Hna WIlks and I decided to have our own Hispanic Christmas (aka staying up until midnight and opening our presents then). So we stayed up and read our Books of Mormon and we watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas and played a bible trivia game. It was lots of fun! We ended up just opening half of our presents so we could still have the traditional Christmas morning. Christmas morning we spent doing serve for the mother of one of our investigators and it was so much FUN!!! Sorry family but it was probably my favorite part of the day. But a close second favorite was talking to my family! :) We ended up finishing that late so we didn't get to go the the mission home which was a little bit of a bummer but it was still all good. We had dinner with a investigator and then to finish off the night we went Caroling as a Zone! All in all it was an awesome Christmas!!!

     The rest of the week went great. I got to give a another talk in Sacrament and that was interesting... Haha, I'm still not fluent! :) But I am so glad that I get to be a missionary here in Kansas at this time! It is definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful New Year! :)

Hermana Kammeyer

Christmas Morning Pic next to the tree, remember it's early so excuse my awful hair! :)
Hna Wilks and I after we finished raking leaves on Christmas.
Zone picture after caroling, sorry it's so dark.

December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad!
Hola Todos!

     It's so weird how time works. It feels like this week went by so fast but as I think about what happened this week it seems like everything was so long ago!

     The week started off awesomely with Spealized Training/Christmas Party with the Wichita, Derby, and Newton Zones! It was GREAT!!!! Almost every missionary that I've served with was there!! It was so good to see everyone, especially Hermana Fernandez who I haven't seen since she finished training me. There was an ugly sweater contest which was a blast, unfortunately I couldn't find an ugly sweater the day before.

     The rest of the week we spent running to and fro avoid snow... and then melted puddles of snow :) as we shared the wonderful message of Chirst's birth with as many people as we could. Christmas is an awesome time to be a missionary! I love spreading the good news of Christ with everyone!!!!

     We had a huge miracle happen yesterday at church. Jose and Ernestina came to Church!!!! Woot woot! Jose brought the kids by himself to sunday school and then Ernestina got off work in time to come to sacrament meeting!!! Yes!!! They are awesome and it's amazing to see how fast they are progressing and their desire to come closer to the Lord is incredible! I am so grateful that I get to be a part of their story. Us missionaries also got together and decided to do a musical number for Sacrament meeting since it's Christmas. It went great and it was super funny because Presidente Cereceres joined in at the last minute and he didn't realize that at one point it was just Hna Wilks singing so he sang to... really really high. :) You just gotta love Spanish Branches! :)

     I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Always remember the true meaning of Christmas and how much our Savior has done for us. Please use this time to have Christ mas (see what I did there :D) in your life! Feliz Navidad!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Kammeyer

Practicing for our Musical Number
Soccer, this was from this morning :)