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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

April 7, 2014

Conference is like a Missionaries Christmas!!

     This week went by so fast!! I remember last Monday how I couldn't wait for Conference and now it's already over! So first things first Mom here is your run down of my schedule! :) If you don't care about this stuff just skip it, trust me it's kinda boring.

6:30- The days starts and we have a half an hour to "work out." Me and my companion are still half asleep during this time and it's a little hard to get pumped when the only music you have to listen to is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir :)
7:00- We use this time to get ready and to eat breakfast... super exciting I know!
8:00- We use this hour for personal study. Usually I study this Book of Mormon or I work on memorizing stuff I need to pass of to Hna. Fernandez. And since we teach in both Spanish and English I get to memorize everything in both Spanish and English! Woot, woot!
9:00- Companion study. We go over our memorizations, read from the White Bible (Missionary Book of Rules), and talk about what we studied. And if time permits I get to practice "teaching" one of our lessons for that day in Spanish.
10:00- Training. Hermana Fernandez helps me become a better missionary, Woo Hoo! Yeah, for becoming a better missionary!!! :)
11:00- Language Study! This only actually happens about twice a week (because meetings or weekly planning get in the way) so when it does happen I throw a fiesta!!
12:00- Lunch!! Pretty boring but it's a wonderful time because my brain gets to rest and if I didn't have language study I try to do it during lunch or I'll read the Ensign.
1:00-9:00- During this time we are out and about teaching people and spreading the gospel, or at least trying to. We have a lot of people to teach but most of the time their never home so we do still do the whole knocking on doors thing a lot. Most nights we have dinner with a member for about and hour and then were back to teaching & preaching.
9:00-10:30 We we get back to our apartment we plan for the next day, get ready for bed and then fall asleep!
     Phew, that was really long and I'm sorry if any of you fell asleep but you gotta give Mom what she wants! :)
So this week we had a really interesting time with one of our investigators. We had a lesson with her on Wednesday and it was amazing! The spirit was so strong and we got her to commit to a baptismal date! We felt so good coming out of that lesson and so blessed to be teaching her. We went back to days later and she almost dropped us because of some personal issues. But we were persistent and really were lead by the spirit and she agreed to meet with us again today. So we'll see how it goes today. But it was the weirdest thing, you would think that I would feel awful about this and super sad that she made this huge change in two days. Now don't get me wrong I am sad that she feels like she needs to stop hearing from us but I knew that I followed the directions of the spirit and I did everything I could to help her at that moment. So I can't feel bad because this is her choice.
     Anyway on a funnier note we had a fun April Fools Day! Being Missionaries you tend to forget a lot about things like April Fools Day so when we went to have our daily lesson with our investigator named Kelly we where so not prepared for what she did to us. She pretended to be really upset and sad and she was all "Guess what I just found out.. I'm Pregnant." Oh my gosh, my heart dropped all the way down into my stomach. My mind was racing and I had no idea what to tell her and I was totally at a loss for words and then she started laughing. She was all "April Fool's!! Man you guys should've seen your faces!!" (Kelly has had all of the lesson and has a testimony about everything we are just waiting for her to go through rehab for her alcohol addiction) So with that having happened to us you would've thought that we would have remembered for the rest of the day that it was April Fool's Day but nope we didn't. My mission is a driving mission and to try and keep the missionaries from abusing the car privilege we have a set amount of miles that we can use for a month. And unfortunately we went over our mileage allotment for the month of march (But in my defense they were already over the limit when I got here). So our zone leaders sent out a message to the Missionaries in Newton and they told us that because we all went over that our cars had to be parked for the next few weeks. Me and Hna. Fernandez were so worried about how we were going to get to get to visit everyone! We both prayed so hard for help to find a way to make all of our appointments. Then the next morning we got another message saying "April Fools!" Man we were so mad/relieved that all we could do was laugh! :)
     We also had some Weather Excitement this week. There was a Tornado warning on thursday and Kelly made it sound way worse than it was. So we found a Tornado shelter nearby our apartment and I was feeling pretty calm and not really worried about it at all, because Salt Lake City has had more Tornados than Newton in the last 25 years. Hna. Fernandez was so worried though and for nothing because we didn't even have like any wind!
     Now on to conference! Man it was the best conference EVER!!!! For the Saturday Sessions the Newton Missionaries all gathered at the church to watch it. And since none of our investigators showed up, or members, we pulled the couches and soft chairs into the relief society room and we watched it there and we all shared candy and snacks with each other, it was way fun! Don't think that we weren't paying attention though. We all had our notebooks our and we were all listening, to the speakers and the Holy Ghost, very intensely! Sunday there was actually other people who came to watch it so we didn't get to chill in the relief society room but watching it in the chapel was a great experience. Having always watched General Conference in my PJ's at home on the couch I was really impressed by how much stronger all the messages are when you are fully paying attention and listening for inspiration to problems or questions. So my favorite talks were in order of appearance because I can't pick which one I liked the best ... Jeffery R Holland, Linda S Reeves, Neil L Anderson, W. Craig Zivic, Dieter F Uchtdorf, M Russell Ballard, Gary R Stevenson, Lawerence E Corbridge, and D Todd Christofferson. I know, I know it's a lot and I'm pretty much just saying that I loved all of the talks but Conference was just ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!
     Wow, so this email is pretty long so I'm just going to say that I love all of you so much and that all is well here in Kansas!
                                       Hermana Kammeyer

P.S.- And no I didn't cut my hair to short... I just took off seven inches... no big deal! Really it's shoulder length and it doesn't fly in my face all the time and people can acutally read my name tag!

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