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Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Be ye Humble...

Hola Todos!

     This week has been super humbling for me. So I'm not gonna lie, this last transfer with Hermana Guillen has been super rough but I've been trying to keep going and just tough it out instead of facing the problem and trying to fix it like I should have. But Hermana Guillen had enough courage to address the fact that we really need to change because our attitudes and the way we treat each other because it is really affecting the work here in Garden City. Over the last few days we've been trying to fix the problem and rely on the Lord and do His will not ours. Changing is rough but I know that we have a huge potential and if we can put our differences behind us and strive to do the Lord's work I know that these next four weeks could be the greatest ones of our missions.

     The miracle for this week is that our investigator named Consuelo, who's on date forthis Saturday, quit her job. I know that sounds like a strange miracle but it allowed her to come to Church yesterday and we now have enough time during this week to finish teaching her everything before her baptism on Saturday!! Even though we've been struggling lately Heavenly Father continues to bless us with so many wonderful miracles.

     So last week I was asked to play the Piano in primary and I guess they think I have some musical skills because I had to teach singing time yesterday, I definitely didn't think I would have to do that on my mission! The theme was missionary work so it worked out great that I taught it. I taught the junior primary how to sing "Army of Helaman" and the Senior Primary how to sing "Called to Serve." It was a lot of fun and it went really well especially since I only had like one hour to prepare for it. :)

     I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful week and a happy Halloween! Keep up the good work and let your light shine!
Hermana Kammeyer

October 20, 2014

Consuelo! :)

Hola Todos!

     Another week down here in Garden City. It's crazy how fast time flies!! This week we spent a lot of time with our investigator named Consuelo! She's amazing! She came to the big Ward Mexican Fiesta that happened when I first got here and we met her at Church the next day but we haven't really been able to meet with her until this last week because she's been out of town training for her new job as assistant manager at Ulta Beauty! (It's like frosting on the cake that she works at my favorite store!!) Anyways we started meeting with her regularly this week and I just love her so much! She has such a strong desire to be baptized and have a stronger relationship with God it just blows me away! She's awesome and I can't wait until her baptism!

     In other news this week we got to have a lot of the other Sisters in the Zone here on Wednesday due to transfers. Two other sisters and I were visiting less actives that our Relief Society President wanted us to check up on. And one of them was in the Psych-ward of an retirement home. Let me tell you it was way weird! The lady we "talked" to had dementia and was trying to make a run for it the whole time! Talk about stressful!! :)

     All is well here in the heartland of America! I'm loving my mission and I feel so blessed to be able to serve the people here in Garden City! Love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!!

Hermana Kammeyer 

P.S. I forgot to tell you last week but I met Sheri Dews mom at Sake Conference! She's so cute and hilarious!! :)

Giant Spider we found outside of Walgreens! It was sooooooooo BIG!!!!
Hna Guillen likes to find ways to workout while we go tracking :)

October 13, 2014

Stake Conference

Hola, todos! :)

     This week we had interviews with President Bell and Stake Conference! So this weekend was super packed! Interviews went great! It was good to talk to President Bell and my interview was longer than 2 minutes this time! :) The AP's also gave a great training on Nourishing our faith and how to have better studies. They totally answered so many of my prayers during that training it was awesome! The next day we had the Adult Session of Stake Conference and there was so many people there from out of town. There was also a dinner before hand which was great! :) It felt really weird being in the adult session but I guess I'm a big kid now, right? Sunday Session felt really long but maybe that was because I was already there for two hours before the meeting even started. We had four investigators at Church and one of them was an RLDS. So that was exciting. It's a little weird because she already knows all of the stories from the Book of Mormon.

Then after Conference we had a huge miracle! It was eight o'clock and most of our investigators weren't available. So we prayed for direction on who we could go visit and invite to be baptized because we needed one more for standard. Hna Guillen had an impression that we should go visit Fernando and his mom Idalia. Before this lesson Idalia wasn't too keen on being baptized and Fernando wanted to wait until he was 40 (he's twelve right now) to be baptized. But the Spirit was so strong that they accepted a baptismal date for the 25 of October! This experience has really strengthen my testimony on how important it is to always work hard and have the Spirit in your lessons because it can work miracles in the hearts of your investigators!

This week is transfers but no worries, I get to stay in Garden City! :) I love this place and I'm excited to keep seeing miracles everyday! And Hna Guillen is still my Companion too! :) I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!

Hermana Kammeyer 

Pic: The Spanish Missionaries who were at Stake Conference

October 6, 2014

Conference!! :)


     This week was definitely better than last week! Heavenly Father gave me so much help through out this week, especially through the Mission Leaders here in Garden City! 

     Tuesday we had a awesome District Meeting and I was reminded of how glorious and wonderful it is to be a missionary and I was given the motivation that I needed to carry on. 
     Then on Friday we had Zone Conference and through the training that the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders gave I was able to realize the things that I need to be doing better. It was so good! And then we watched.... can I get a drum roll.... Meet the Mormons! It was awesome!!! And it was so cool to see! And it also reminded me of the results of missionary work, because almost everyone was a convert in that movie.

     Conference was also the Bomb!! I took so many notes!!! We were able to have two of our investigators at both sessions of Conference on Sunday. It was awesome! And all of the talks that were given in Spanish I listened to in Spanish and I could understand all of it!! Woot Woot!!! It was amazing to think back on were I was six month ago at the last conference. I never would've been able to understand a Conference Talk in Spanish! So even though my Spanish isn't were I want it to be I just need to remember that Heavenly Father Has blessed me so much and he will continue to bless me I just need to remember to be patient and to do my part.

      Sorry for the short email this week but it's getting hard to write long emails as more time passes on my mission. But I hope you are all doing well! Keep up the good work and let your light shine! :)
Hermana Kammeyer

September 29, 2014

Tender Mercies :)

Hola Todos!

     So this week has been filled with it's ups and downs. Future note: Don't ever pray for challeneges no matter how much you want to grow!!! Because Heavenly Father does give you what you ask him for! This week I've had a lot of trouble with Spanish and staying positive and focused and ..... just lots of stuff. But Heavenly Father is always there with his Tender Mercies. So I'm going to tell you about those instead of just what happened everyday this week! :)

     This week we were carless! Now that doesn't sound like a Tender Mercy to most people but I love it when we don't have the car! The car always seems like it just sucks the energy right out of me and it doesn't feel like we're working as hard. But when were biking I get to be outside in the Sun and I get to work hard andI'm realizing all of those indorphines! I just love coming back to the apartment at the end of the day and feeling sore and drop dead tired!! It makes me feel like I've really been working hard, espeacially since we biked like 10+ miles a day! :)

     I've also had a lot of time to write in my journal this week! Which is a wonderful release! And it's also good for me to look back on how I was a few months ago and to realize
 that I have grown sooo much!

     We met a lot of more members from the Garden City Ward. They are so awesome and I just love how excited they are about missionary work! And how they love all of the missionaries who are serving here so much! We also had a great Sports night with the members and our investigators! They're crazy about soccer here! :)

     Heavenly Father gave me one of the most funny experiences of my whole mission this week too! Hna. Guillen had an appointment that canceled so we decided to go tracting in a near by "apartment" complex, they were more like huts than apartments. And there was this old black guy sitting out of his house and waved us over. We started talking to him and it was pretty clear that he has had trouble with the Word of Wisdom. He started talking to us about how he had been to our church before and then he started to say things like this, "Ya should tell your church that ya shouldn't invite people to be baptized. It scares people off, ya know that's peer pressure. Ya'd have more people attending too. Ya should tell your pator that." (So I already thought this was pretty funny but it gets even better!) As we are talking to him about this two of this friends come over and they start talking and it's like three different conversations. One of his friends was this really white girl and she had problems with the Word of Wisdom too. And she starts saying things like " Oh, your Mormons! I love Mormons! Your movies are great and your Bible too. I really like the resume! It's so good." And we were like "Resume...?" Then she was like "I just spoke in tongues and you know what they're telling me right now... You need to follow your religion and get married to a nice young man." Then the old black guy chimes in again and he's all, "Will you marry me?" To me!!! I said, "No thank you, I'm good" And he replied, "Is it because I'm black? Cuz that's racist. Is it because I'm old? Cuz that's racist too!" Then the white girl pipes in and says,"You wanna know what's racist?" Then she whips off her shirt and shows a tattoo of a Confederate Flag in a heart on her back!! During this whole encounter Hna Guillen was just laughing while I had to talk to them!! I wanted to laugh so hard during this whole thing too!
So I guess I can check getting proposed to off my life experiences list! :) Haha, so even though things were rough this week Heavenly Father has always been there to give me the pick me up that I needed. :)
 I Love you all and I hope you have a great week