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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014


     This week was full of meetings and tracting!! Tuesday we had Specialized Training down in Wichita and I learned so much!!! It was great!! The training was specifically given on finding people to teach and how to be a fearless finder. Now before this I thought that I was pretty good at being a fearless finder... and that's when Holy Ghost comes around to smack you in the face with some humility. I learned a ton about the things that I need to do more and how I can improve my attitude while tracting and how I need to help my companions who may have a harder time being comfortable with talking with and finding new people. During the Training Pres. Bell gave a talk about broadening our vision... I know kinda of a vague title but just wait it gets better. He talked about something that Kansas has a lot of, let's see if you can figure it out! It's not tornadoes... not churches.... not sunflowers... not squirrels... do you give up yet? Okay I'll tell you, it's Wheat!! Awesome right!?!? Haha, well it was to me. He talked about the gathering of Isreal and how we have to trash (so shake/beat really hard) the wheat that we gather to receive the kernels. So basically in not old bible/ or farmer lingo what that means is that to be able to find the people that the Lord has prepared to receive the gospel we have to talk with as many people as possible (filling our arms with wheat) and then from there once they hear our message (trashing) if they have been prepared (kernels) the won't turn away from it. So yeah I learned a lot!!
We also got to test this out a lot this week because we didn't have the car! :) So through the scorching hot and the tropical down pours we tracted and tracted and tracted. And we found a lot of potential kernels so this week we have a lot of trashing to do! It's gonna be awesome!!

So yesterday we went on a road trip to Pratt Kansas to execute OPERATION BAUTISMO. The Sister's in Pratt have an investigator who only speaks Spanish and unfortunately they only speak English. They have been teaching her using a member as a translator and everything was going great, she was scheduled to be baptizedthis Saturday, then last week she pulled the plug and said that she had some problems and didn't feel like she was ready. That's were we come in. The Zone Leaders sent Hna. Fernandez and I to go and figure out what was stopping her from being baptized and to give her the confidence that she could be baptized on May 31. So we drove the 1 hr and 45 mins to Pratt yesterday evening. The lesson went great and I would consider OPERATION BAUTISMO a success!!
That was pretty much my week, you know Standard Missionary Stuff. I hope you all have a great week! All is well here in Kansas and I am absolutely loving the mission life!

Hermana Kammeyer

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