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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

February 20, 2014

¡Hola! De el CCM!!

¡Hola, mi familia!
     It´s so good to hear from you guys. After I sent the emails last week I was kinda homesick, mainly because I knew that you guys were probably reading my email right at that moment and I wanted to know what you guys thought of my first week. But it was all good because we went and got ice cream as a district and then we played kickball! So this week has been just as busy as the last week but now i´m more used to the level of stress that is about as constant as the spirit here at the CCM. That investigator that I told you about last week is now our night teacher and she is the most wonderful teacher ever!!
     Every Sunday each member of the zone has to write a talk, completely in Spanish, and then Presidente Suasté will pick six missionaries to speak for that day. So far I´ve dodged the bullet each week but I´m pretty sure that I´ll have to speak this Sunday. On Sunday I was having a rough time, I don´t really know why, and I was praying all day for the Lord to help me overcome my discouragement. And God is so good to me, he answered my prayers in the most perfect way!! On Sunday nights we watch a church movie all together in the Auditorium and on Sunday we watched the Testaments, which is like my most favorite church movie ever!!!! The spirit was so overwhelming and it was really cool to watch that movie as a missionary. All my bad feelings instantly vanished and just amazing.
     One of our districts left this week and so we needed to get new zone leaders. And I was thinking in Church on Sunday that Elder Grow and Elder Williams would be great zone leaders and guess what.. I was right!! Their our new zone leaders and I´m so lucky to be in a district that has so many worthy priesthood holders.
     The Spanish is coming, still not as quickly as I would like though. I can now pray and say my testimonio completely in Spanish!! As well as anwser simple questions in leccións with the investigators.
     Now to answer your questions, first up is mom!! :) Yes I met Hermanas Best, Chugg, and Christensen on the flight to Mexico. On the first flight there were about twelve missionaries and on the third flight there were probably 35-40 missionaries, they said that this was the largest group of missionaries that they´ve had since Christmas time. The days are long here with a ton of work to do but we always manage to have a good time. And my companion is good, at times she can drive me nuts but the Lord knew that I was going to need practice getting along with people like her, that´s why I´ve had to deal with so many dorks in my lifetime. :) But in all seriousness she is a wonderful example to me. And no I haven´t recieved any cards or packages, expect from aunt Lisa. She sent me a DearElder and it was so wonderful to hear from someone in the middle of the week and it was a wonderful pick-me-up and please tell her thank you for me!!
     Sammie: My favorite part about being in Mexico is the weather!! It´s the perfect weather and It´s so gorgeous here. My most favorite part of the day is about 5:45. The sun is setting and the sky looks so beautiful and you can really see God´s influence all around you!!
    Megan: I´m doing great here at the CCM! There are times when life gets hard but those moments don´t last too long. I´m sleeping great, but you should be glad that your not here because the dogs bark like crazy at night and the Mexcians like to party all the time.
Dad: Oh my Gosh you totally had to mention TWD didn´t you!!!!! I read that part out loud to my district and all of the guys were groaning and saying "don´t say anymore or I´ll have to fly home and watch it !" Yes I´ve been taking pictures but only on P-day because that´s the only time that were allowed to take pictures here. Oh, and way to be amazing!! That so great that you´ve lost that much weight. By the way do you know if we´re related to a Steve and Paul Kammeyer? One of the couple missionaries daughter married a Paul kammeyer and we were wondering if there was any connection.
    Luke: Hey dude! Why didn´t you write me?? Are you just to cool for that ?!?! Anyways good job on your basketball game you stud!! So last week I told you about the Elders in my district. I think you would love Elder Mamea. He´s from Hawaii and he acts just like Ryan Higa!
    So enclosing I love you guys so much and I am so blessed to have you as my family! All is well in Zion talk to you guys next week!!
                                       Hermana Kammeyer
PS: The pictures are of
me and my companion and of my district

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