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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

March 17, 2014

Last Few Days At the CCM


     So the last few days have been really weird. There´s not much left for us to do here now. On friday we had in field training which wasn´t as bad as I thought it would be. We spent all day in classes and in the afternoon they put on a "play" (an acted out demonstration of how to work with members) and it was so funny!! The people here at the CCM must have spiced it up a bit because there was no way that this was supposed to be funny. Their accents and mispronunciations and in general weird humor made it one of the best things that I´ve ever seen! 

     Saturday was really boring as well. We had finished all of our grammar lessons so we just reviewed subjuntive clauses (It´s something that we don´t have in english) and then we went and gave the brand new district in our zone advice on how to study and what helped us make the most progress. Then we helped the other district in our zone practice teaching and it made me really nervous for them because they are not getting the language at all. It made me realize that my district is really special and super blessed. We put in the hard work, remained positive, and we trusted that the lord would provide a way for us to succeed.
Sunday was really a really good day. We had our last sacrament meeting with our branch/zone and I am going to miss our little mexican branch presidency. Then later that night we watched two different movies the first one was on Joseph Tanner, a early saint who pretty much financed building the temple in Kirtland, and another movie about jesus talking to Pilate. I was so happy that they showed the first one because I love it so much. After the movies they put the pictures of all the missionaries/ districts that are leaving this week up on the big projector and then we all sang God be with you till we meet again, but in Spanish. All of the Hermana´s in my district were total wrecks, so was Elder Mamea!! I was the only Hermana that didn´t cry, which kinda of surprised me. I love my district so much and I´m going to miss them a ton but it was a really exciting and happy experience for me. I know that I´ll see them all again someday and we are all embarking in the service of God so there was no reason for me to be sad.

     After the devotional we all took pictures and went back to our casas. I stayed up with Hermana Seumanu and kept her company while she finished packing. I went to sleep for a few hours and then I was up helping Hna. Seumanu and Jackson get their luggage over to the reception area so they could leave. It was so cute our whole district and the other district, not brand new bit the other one, in our zone woke up early to see everyone off. We couldn´t stay until the buses pulled away because there was a security breach this morning, someone got into the CCM somehow, and the police came and made all of the missionaries not leaving go back to there casa. It was kinda creepy and Hermana Jennings and I searched our casa before we went back to bed.
Today as been super chill. We´ve just hung out with our teacher Hermano Sanchez and then we sent Hermanas May and Steel. So that´s pretty much it. I leave tomorrow morning and I´m super excited to be going to Kansas!! Hope you all are doing alright!

Hermana Kammeyer  

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