Wichita, Kansas Spanish speaking Mission!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Something to make you smile! :)

Something to make you smile! :)

The cutest little boy EVER! His name is Porter Tex Glade. He is the son of one of the members here and he is the best little talker ever!

September 22, 2014

This week in Garden City

     This week we mostly spent getting to know our area, since we both have only been here for a short time. We visited most of the past Sisters Investigators and a lot of the members. This Ward is huge though so we still feel like we don't know anyone! But that's okay it's better to have too many members than not enough members! :)

     On Tuesday we had Sisters Conference, so all of the Sisters from the Liberal, Garden City, Wichita, and Newton Zones came to Dodge City (which is an hour away from Garden). So I got to see Sister Wheadon again, yeah!, and a lot of the Sisters from my old Zone. Sister Siegfried wasn't there though so Sister Wheadon and I called her the Hutch Sisters phone (don't worry we had permission from the Zone Leaders) and she is doing great!!! So great that she couldn't drive out to Dodge because they had to many appointments! I also found out that two of the girls that I taught while I was there were baptized!!!! Whoo Hoo!!! :) And they had another baptism of another lady I taught yesterday! It was so cool to hear about the great things that are happening in Newton! Sisters Conference was good but it was hard because it took up pretty much the whole day! But we did get one of our investigators named Fernando on date! He's twelve and he just moved here with his mom from Honduras. We are so excited for him!

     Thursday we went on Exchanges with the STL's. So I got to go to Dodge City for the day. I wasn't super excited at first becaue I just wanted to stay in our area and get to know it better but I learned so much while I was there! :)

     The rest of the the week passed in a blur. I'm so happy to hear about the dedication of the Odgen Temple!! The Temple is the best, so make sure you take advantage of it! Something that I have been so impressed with is how much the members here love the temple and how much they are willing to sacrifice to go there!

     I love you all so much! Keep the faith and let your light shine!! :)

                                      Hermana Kammeyer

Two girls that got baptized in Newton! :)

September 15, 2014

ET: Emergency Transfer
Hola Todos!

     Well, there was some drastic changes this week. This week was running so smoothly and then we got a call from the AP's on Thursday (you never want to get a call from the AP's) I literally felt my heart drop because I knew what was coming. Hermana Wheadon was getting ET (Emergency Transfered) to Guymon, OK. It was so rough! I felt like I had just made a new best friend for life and she was getting taken away from me after only one week! :(
So luckily Hermana Wheadon and I had committed to be apart of the Ward Fiesta on Saturday so she got to stay here until Sunday instead of leaving on Friday. The other Sisters that were getting emergency transfered got to stay the weekend with us, which was a little weird because I had Hermana Wheadon and Hermana Guillen my new companion there, so I was pretty much torn in half as to who was my companion this weekend.

     The Fiesta was great and so much fun! It was to celebrate Mexican Indepence day which is the 16th. It was so much fun! I don't know how well I did on the Mexican dance thingy but the experiene is what counts, right? :)

     Sunday was a lot of goodbyes for Hermana Wheadon. It was really hard for her to leave, she has such a big heart and loved everyone in this ward so much, I definitely have big shoes to fill! After Church the four of us Sisters pilled into the ZL's Jeep and headed down to Guymon. It was an 1 hr and 45 min drive so I'm glad that I had all of the experience making long drives from college cuz Hermana Guillen and I spent like 4 hours driving yesterday. Which was hard because it took so much time out of our day.

     Hermana Guillen has spent some time here in Garden City before on exchanges so when you add all of that experience up we have about two weeks worth of knowledge and experience here between the two of us. :) So this next week is going to difinitely be an adventure! :)

     I love you all so much! And I hope that you have a great week! Keep the faith, let your light shine, and Go Give 'em HEAVE!!!! :)

 Hermana Kammeyer  
Hermana Wheadon and I in our Mexican dance costumes
Me, Hermana Guillen, Hermana Wheadon, and Hermana Brusch on our way to Guymon
Hermana Wheadon and I at the fiesta while all of the members were having fun dancing.

Septmeber 8, 2014

Garden City!
Hola, todos!

     This week has been full of so many changes but it has been a wonderful week! So Monday and Tuesday were filled with saying goodbye to Members and investigators, which took a ton of time but it was worth it because the people there in Newton are just so wonderful! But Hermana Seigfried and I were able to have a great lesson with a new investigator named Teri on Tuesday and oh my gosh she is incredible! Totes gonna be another Baptism for the Sisters in Newton! :)

     So on Wednesday we got everything loaded into the car and drove down to Wichita for the Transfer Devotional, which are always so much fun! We all get together and have lunch and then have a jam session, cuz there's just so many talented missionaries here in Kansas. And Hermana Seigfried and I sang a song that we wrote! So much Fun! Then we had the Trainer meets Trainee announcement thingy. And then there was a testimony meeting, super great! After all of that I got into a van with the other missionaries heading out West (and Elder Grow was in the van with me too! Mini CCM Reunion!) And we took the three hour drive out to Dodge City Kansas. On the way we stopped in the center of the United States, and there really was just a sign not all that exciting, haha. :) When we got to Dodge City I got to see Hermana Jennings!!! It was awesome! So cool to have her in my Zone again! It was another CCM reunion so Elder Grow, Hermana Jennings, and I all took a picture! 

     Then I got to meet my new companion Hermana Wheadon!
Hermana Wheadon is absolutely wonderful! She is so nice and is a great missionary. The last two transfers were really rough for her because the girl she was training was to put it nicely "not very nice." And she actually had to go home. So I've been praying really hard that I can help Hermana Wheadon recognize the wonderful missionary that she is, because this other Sister totally ruined her self confidence.

     The rest of the week was spent tracking, teaching, and speaking in Spanish. Garden City's population is like half Hispanic! It's AWESOME!!! :) I love it here in Garden City! The ward is sooooo missionary minded it amazing! And they do everything in English and Spanish: sacrament prayers, Hymns, Relief Society Lessons... etc. I feel so blessed to be here!

     Love you all and I hope you have a great week!!  

Hermana Kammeyer

Septmeber 2, 2014

Last Two In Newton ... (Days and Baptisms)


     So much happened this week it's hard to believe that it was just seven days! We definitely received some huge miracles from Heavenly Father this last week. He helped us out so much with preparing Shea and Dakota for baptism! Hermana Siegfried and I really had to rely on the Spirit for inspiration on how to teach those kids because they have to shortest attention span ever. But the Holy Ghost has really done a wonder with those kids. They have grown so much since we started preparing them for baptism and I am blown away every time we see them at how fast and how much they are learning. Their baptism was wonderful and I am so grateful that I got to be apart of this whole experience and that I got to see them baptized before I left Newton.

     That's right I'm leaving Newton but that's a story for later. Other than preparing the Kids for their baptism Hermana Seigfried and I worked really hard everyday. On Thursday we did exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and I got to go to Maize again. It is a really nice area of Wichita and I've decided that I would definitely rather serve in a "not so nice" area like Newton any day! So the weekend was pretty much straight service for all of the missionaries here in Newton, which was awesome! On Friday we helped move the Owens family move into their new house and we did that for five hours. Then on Saturday after the baptism we helped the Ellsworth Family butcher some of their older chickens, fun but a tad on the gross side. Then after that we went back over to the Owens and helped them finish moving for another two hours. So we were definitely sore by the time Sunday rolled around.

     These last three months here in the KWM we've been working really hard on increasing our faith that we will baptize. Every month we've had a mission baptismal goal and every missionary in every prayer has prayed for this goal. Let me tell you we have been seeing miracles month after month! In June our goal was 50 and we got 41 baptisms (the mission had never baptized 40 people before and it had been the monthly baptismal goal for the last year)! Then in July our goal was 75 and we got 50! And then this last month our goal for August was 65 and we got 61 BAPTISMS!!!!!!! When I first got here in March the mission wasn't even getting 20 baptisms a month! We have grown so much in these last few months! Faith can move mountains and I know that this is a baptizing mission and as we continue to work harder everyday we will meet our goal for the end of the year to be having a 100 baptisms a month!

     So as previously stated I'll be leaving Newton this week. My new area is... drum roll please.... Garden City Kansas. Garden City is about four hours west of Wichita Kansas. It's also considered part of the promised land of this mission (all of the Spanish missionaries consider the west the promised land because there are so many Hispanics out there! :D ). I've heard about Garden City my whole mission because Hermana Weadon, Hermana Fernandez's trainer) went out to Garden when I came to Newton. And then Hermana Seigfried just came from Garden City! Oh and get this Hermana Weadon is going to be my new companion. Yep that's right, I have yet to serve with a sister that is not part of my mission family. (Quick run down on my Mission genealogy: Hermana Weadon= My grandma, Hermana Fernandez= My mom, Hermana Segfried= My Aunt) I'm super exciting to be going to Garden City and I think it's super ironic and funny that I'll get to serve with the Sister that trained my other two companions! I have loved everyday here in Newton and I'm sad to leave the members and investigators behind but I know that great things are going to continue to happen here with Hermana Seigfried and Hermana Hunter (Hermana Segfried's new companion)!

     Love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep the faith and shine on!  

                                                          Hermana Kammeyer

Baptism of Shea and Dakota. Me, Shea, Elder Carlson, Dakota, Hermana Seigfried

Spanish Members and Missionaries

August 25, 3014

Hutch got a piece of the Berlin Wall too!

     It's seems like the longer I'm on my mission the harder it is for me to be motivated to write my weekly emails. But I just need to endure to the end and just keep typing. :)
Well, since I ran out of time last week I'll just give a brief update on how that week went. We had Zone P-Day on Monday so we went out to Hutchinson and visited the Cosomphere which is a aerospace museum. It was a lot of fun and it was a really good museum, even though it's in Kansas, and they even had a part of the Berlin Wall as part of one of the exhibits. Super Cool!! :) We also had Specialized Training which was super good and I learned so much. One thing that Pres. Bell talked about was do not, not invite people to be baptized because when you do that your denying them spiritual growth. That hit me really hard and I thought about Rebekah Carter's grandchild Dakota and how we haven't been preparing him for baptism just because it's hard to keep his attention. So the rest of the week we spent teaching Dakota and his sister Shea (who just turned 8 yesterday) for their baptism this Saturday.
     So fast forward to this week. It has been kinda of a weird week for our district because one of our Zone Leaders died (Mission lingo for 'went home'). With more than half of us being newer missionaries, 6 out of 8 of us, with not even 8 months under our belts it was super weird to see someone go back to regular life. So that took a few days to get out of that funk. And speaking of another funk, everyone except our district leader is sick. But the work continues and we had a great week, albeit a little slow but still great. It's been a real challenge trying to figure out how to teach Dakota and Shea because they have like absolutely no attention-span. So we've been using a lot of Mormon messages and activities. Yesterday we taught my most favorite lesson so far on my mission. We were trying to think of a way to teach Dakota and Shea about the Plan of Salvation when Hermana Seigfried and I received some divine revelation. We were going to be having the lesson at the church so we decided to a obstacle course/ object lesson using the different rooms in the building. Long explanation short it was SUPER awesome and they really loved it!
Also yesterday I taught Spanish Sunday School! It was a little stressful especially since I only had personal study time that morning to prepare for it. But the Gift of Tongues is real and Heavenly Father helped me out so much, and so did my wonderful companion Hermana Seigfried.
     So that's pretty much it for this week and last week! I hope you are all doing well and les quiero muchismo! :)

Hermana Kammeyer

Me touching the Berlin Wall ... in Kansas
McPherson District: Elder Heath's last day. We pulled his plug :)