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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 12, 2014

It's Miracle May baby!!! :)


     This week just absolutely flew by!! It feels like my birthday was yesterday! Bytheway (John ... get it... John Bytheway :D) thank you all for the Birthday wishes it really made my day!

     In my email last week I talked about our Investigator named Kelly and how right after we gave her a baptismal date things just started to fall apart with her plan to attend rehab. And it looked like she wasn't going to go to rehab for a long long time and we were super sad and worried because we knew that that was the only way that she was going to be able to stop drinking. So Sister Fernandez and I had been praying and fasting like crazy for her. Then on Tuesday Kelly called us and said that she had been fired from her job for smelling like alcohol BUT that her boss felt so bad about not helping her sooner that she called some places and got Kelly into rehab on Thursday!!! Heavenly Father is the best!!! Sister Fernandez and I totally freaked out, we were jumping up and down and running around in circles and everything! We had to say goodbye to her on Wednesday and that was a little bittersweet because she was the first investigator that both Sister Fernandez and I met on our missions and we meet with her everyday. But we couldn't be more excited for her and we know that she is going to overcome this addiction!

     This week we got to walk everywhere in the nice crazy hot Kansas sun, which wouldn't have been too bad if my shoes hadn't been cutting my feet and giving me blisters, but hey that's missionary life for you. :)

     We had Zone training on Thursday and it was really good and I learned a ton. I had to give a short training thanks to the Zone Leaders, this is what happens when you are in their district. I think it went okay. I talked about how we can align our will with Heavenly Father's and what it means to have a "broken heart and a contrite spirit." I still find it funny that they asked me to do it because I'm still doing the 12 Week Missionary Training program and had me give the training at Zone Conference?
Dia de la Madre was great!! I loved being able to see my family and hear from them. Before hand I had been praying that once the call was over Heavenly Father would be able to help me to not think about them and help me remain lost in the work. And what do you know he blessed me again! I was able to jump right back into the work and I didn't even cry when we said goodbye! Woot Woot score for team missionary! :)

     We had a crazy night last night! And it depends on if your asking me or Hermana Fernandez if it was crazy awesome or crazy scary. We had..... drum roll..... a TORNADO... warning. :) Haha, did I scare you mom! But two tornadoes did touch down outside the town where our district leader and half of the ward lives though. So here's what went down. We got home from Family Home Evening with the Hernandez Family and we finished our planning. Right after planning we received a text from the fire chief who's a member and lives in Hesston (the town right next to Newton) saying that we were going to have some extreme thunder storms that night and that McPherson was in Tornado warning mode. So I knelt down and said a prayer for the Elders and members in McPherson and when I finished I started to get ready for bed. No sooner had I put my PJ's on then we received a text from an emergency weather forecast number that said "Tornado Warning: seek shelter immediately." Phew, talk about adrenaline rush!! Hermana Fernandez was so scared but I calmed her down and told her what she needed to take with her to the shelter. Hermana Fernandez didn't feel safe in the shelter at our apartment complex so we called our district leader and he told us to go to a members house. On our way there we got a hold of the Zone leaders and they told us that Newton was safe and that we should go back to our apartment and just have our phone's volume all the way up so we could hear if something changed. I was like "Okay sweet, that was fun and now I get to go to bed!" Wrong, Hermana Fernandez was still really scared so I offered do scripture study with her until she felt calmer. So she snuggled with my teddy bear and I read the first three... yes three, chapters of "Our Heritage" to her. She finally calmed down and we got to go to sleep.

     Everything is fine with the Elders and people in McPherson the tornadoes didn't enter the town and we just got a lot of rain and some really cool lookin' lightening. So Yep, that's an average week in the life of a missionary in the Kansas Wichita Mission! :)
My Spiritual thought for this week come from Pres. Uchtdorf's preisthood session talk titled Don't Sleep Through the Restoration my favorite line was "Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not an effort on once a week or once a day. It is an effort of once and for all." I know that this is so true! When we love our Savior and follow his teachings He will be in every action and decision we make. I challenge all of you to be a true disciple of Chirst! :)

Love you all,
                                           Hermana Kammeyer

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