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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

April 28, 2014

Baptism, Baptism, anybody for a Baptism?!?


     This week has been so crazy busy and I have definitely grown a ton this week as a missionary!! I can't believe that I've been here six weeks already!! it's the end of my first transfer and I am still going to be in Newton with Hermana Fernandez, which I am super excited about!
So last P-day was great!! We had all the missionaries in our district come over to the church building and we played a ton of sports and games and it was a blast to run around and have fun with all of missionaries, well except Hermana Fernandez she's has a fear of playing sports because she thinks that she'll get hit which is pretty accurate because she did get hit in the face with a basketball just sitting on the side lines!

     Tuesday we had district meeting which was great and a lot of fun. Afterwards I was able to pass off lesson two to my District Leader. So for each lesson in Preach My Gospel we have to write our own outline with three bullet points for each section and have a scripture memorized to go a long with each section. Oh, and did I mention I did mine in Spanish!! (apparently almost none of the Spanish speaking missionaries pass it off in Spanish)

     Wednesday I there was a conference call for the new missionaries to see how their training is coming along. It was so cool!! First off I felt all cool and stuff 'cuz I got to be on a conference call like some professional big wig (Yes, I mean you Dad :D ). And Second I got to hear how Hermana Jennings and Elder Grow are doing! It was awesome it was like a little missionary family reunion! (In case you forgot Hermana Jennings was my old companion and Elder Grow was in my district in the CCM)

     All I can really remember about Thursday and Friday is that they were very hot and that my feet and legs hurt so much when we got back to the apartment! The miles that we are allotted for each month were almost all gone so we were walking all day those two days, like 7-12 miles!!!

     Saturday was a very exciting day for the Spanish Missionaries in Newton. An investigator named Rigo was baptized!!! He is not mine or Hermana Fernandez's investigator but we did teach him about the word of wisdom and get him to stop drinking coffee! Which was pretty cool. He is related to pretty much all of our investigators and his baptism really helped progress a lot of our investigators! Oh and hermana Fernandez and I taught about the Restoration of the Gospel in front of everyone at the baptism! It was so crazy and I can't believe that I made it through with out making some horrible mistake in Spanish! The Spanish members here were so nice and they all came up to me afterwards and said that I did really good and that my Spanish is improving really quickly. I'll have to take their word for it though because I thought that I would be much further along by now!

     So here in the Kansas Wichita Mission, best mission in the world FYI, we have something that's called the Standard. It's the amount of baptisms, people with a baptismal date, people attending church, member present lessons, and new investigators that a companionship needs to reach each week. And if you don't hit standard you have to go on a improvement plan. So all you really need to know is that you don't want to be on the improvement plan. But guess who has been on it for the last two weeks.... Me and Hermana Fernandez! Now don't think that Hermana Fernandez and I aren't working hard because that would definitely be the wrong conclusion. It's just that none of our investigators feel like they're ready to make that step and they let little things hold them back. Talk about frustrating!! But never fear we were not going to let this get us down so we doubled our efforts, prayers, and exercised our faith more. Oh, and we also challenged someone to be baptized everyday this last week! The results of all of this is.... Drum roll please..... still nobody with a baptismal date :( BUT a ton of spiritual growth on my end and in our investigators! So even though we are on the improvement plan, AGAIN, I have a stronger testimony that God is so aware of us and he will answer the righteous desires of our hearts even if it's not in our time or in the way that we would like (and not to play my own horn but we tripled the standard in everything other than baptismal date, so yeah we're working really hard).

     This week my studies focused a lot on how I could have the spirit with me on a much higher level so I could help my investigators progress faster. In Preach My Gospel it has a wonderful chapter on recognizing the spirit and I think it's my favorite chapter in Preach My Gospel!

     "Every Morning... missionaries should get on their knees and plead with the Lord to loosen their tongues and speak through them to the blessings of those they will be teaching. if they will do this, a new light will come into their lives. There will be greater enthusiasm for the work. They will come to know that in a very real sense, they are servants of the Lord speaking in His behalf. They will find a different response from those they teach. As they do so by the Spirit, their investigators will respond under the influence of the same Spirit." - President Gordon B Hinckley
     This quote has helped me so this week it was incredible!! I know that when we pray with faith we will receive an answer and the blessings of heaven will be poured out upon us!!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!

Hermana Kammeyer

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