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Friday, August 15, 2014

June 30, 2014

Baptisms to come true! :)


     So this week has been so busy! But it has also passed crazy fast! We've met with Rebekah everyday this last week to get her ready for Saturday! And man I could not sleep Friday night because I was so worried that something crazy would happen and she wouldn't get baptized! But no worries Rebekah is way to rock solid to let anything stop her! She was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday! Can I get a woot woot for Jesus, please!
     Other than being at Rebekah's house this week we had two other kinda crazy experiences this week. The first happened on Tuesday. We went over to this lady named Beverly's house and she had two other friends there for a Bible Study. We went last week but instead of studying the bible they just asked us about our religion and that was a really good meeting. But this week was a totally different story! They had like a battle plan to try and destroy our beliefs and "save us". Man! Talk about annoying and frustrating. We were answering there questions with pure testimony but they were sooo stubborn that they couldn't wrap their heads around the possibility that what we were saying was true. It felt so good to get out of that appointment and go and see Rebekah because she doesn't have this crazy knowledge of the bible (These ladies were using a Hebrew and Greek dictionary to look up words like 'stick' or 'rod' it was crazy!) but she has the faith and the relationship with our Father in Heaven to recognize the truth when she hears and feels it!
     The second experience happened on Wednesday. The day before we followed up with this reference from the English Elders and she is super amazing and totally prepared too! She accepted a baptismal date and everything! So we invited her to go on a tour of the Church Wednesday. It was all set to be awesome, we had a stand up member who was the perfect match for Alexa (the name of the investigator). Then she called us to see if her cousin could come along and we were like "Sure thing!" Let me tell you that was a bad idea! Her cousin was just one of these people who wanted to argue about everything and she was contradicting everything that we were saying. She was just picking a fight with us the whole time! I'm happy to say that she didn't get what she wanted from me but she got pretty close to getting Sister Seigfried and our member to fight. So it really wasn't the type of environment that we wanted to have our brand new investigator in. But Alexa did come to church yesterday and she is determined to know for herself if this church is true, which it is by the way just in case you were wondering :)

     During both of these experiences we had to especially defend our belief in the prophet Joseph Smith and they were really good testimony building experiences. Actually Joseph Smith was the center of our studies this week. On Sunday we learned that Friday was the anniversary of his martyrdom. So it was really cool to realize that the Spirit it was leading us this week to focus on him and all that he has done for this church.
     That's pretty much it for this last week. Oh, Sister Seigfried and I got bike's so we will have fun riding around this week! :) I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Hermana Kammeyer

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