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Friday, August 15, 2014

July 14, 2014



    This week went by super fast and a lot happen... but nothing terribly interesting so this email will probably be a little on the short side.
    So Monday we had a great P-day and we get to wash the car by hand now, which was actually not that big of a deal it just takes more time away from our p-day which is already jammed packed with things do to. Who would've thought that on our day off would have so many things to do.
    Tuesday we had Zone Training which was really good and I always learn so much from the leaders in our mission. Last month our goal for baptism was 50 and we got so close to accomplishing that with and total number of 41 baptism for the month of June! It was awesome even though we didn't get our goal of 50 we surpassed our old goal of 40, it was awesome! So for this months goal President Bell kicked it up a notch and set it at 75 baptisms for this month! When I first heard this I had a total mini heart attack! It's super big and I know that it's going to stretch us but it is also very possible if we have the faith necessary and we work hard!
     The rest of the week was pretty much the same ol' missionary thing. The only thing that was different from normals was that we had a lot of set appointments (so when we say "We're coming over at this time will you be there?" and they say "yeah") and just about all of them fell through.... and then all of our back plans would fall through.... and then all of the back ups to our back ups fell through..... :) So it was a little frustrating at times this week but it's all good! These things just build character! :)
We had Kelly back on baptismal date with her son Brooks and we were so excited but she went about and day and then started drinking again. It's getting really hard to keep going over there, it's hard to see herself throw her life away and everything else she has over a bottle of alochol! We're going to keep going over there because of her son and he has so much potential it's just hard to be in that kind of an environment, at times I feel like she's draining the life out of me! But my experiences with Kelly have definitely strengthened my testimony of the Word of Wisdom!
     Well, that's pretty much it for this week. Sorry this email is a little dry. But no worries I'll have a better letter for you next week! As the last week of this transfer I know that Sister Seigfried and I will be working hard and seeing miracles like crazy!! :)
Hermana Kammeyer

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