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Friday, August 15, 2014

July 7, 2014

Who knew biking could be so tiring!

     Man, this week has been so tiring! Sister Seigfried and I got bikes last Monday and we have been biking everywhere this week! I would say that we've been biking about 10-12 miles everyday! I have to keep telling myself that I am gonna have legs of steal but it doesn't really help when i get off my bike and I can barely stand because my legs feel like jelly!
     On Tuesday we had Zone Conference! It was my second one and it's weird to think that I only have four more left! :( The AP's (Assistants to the Presidents) did a wonderful job and I learned so much and both of the AP's have served in Newton before so it was really cool to see them again. They talked a lot about growing our faith and then finding the elected and how to recognize the elect. And they used Rebekah and our experience with her as a perfect example of someone who had been prepared by the Lord for our message. The bad thing about Zone Conference was that it took ALL day!!! So we didn't get a chance to teach anyone! :(
     On Wednesday, I got to help and recent convert do some family history and it was a really cool opportunity. We got her parents information into Family Search and then we did some digging for her grandparents information and it was so cool! On her mother's side someone had already done all of the temple work and they had the family tree completed until 130BC!!!! Isn't that crazy!!!
     So the 4th of July was a really hard/weird day for me. The night before I was stressing out so much because all of the people we are teaching were going to be out of town so we had absolutely no one to talk to or visit! So the whole day was going to be spent in tracting and I was terrified because I didn't want to interrupt anyone's holiday. We started off the day over at the church building for a pancake breakfast & flag ceremony. It was a lot different from how we do our ward breakfast get together's at home. They only made pancakes, and they had the laurels/ priests make them (side note: Sister Seigfried is allergic to wheat so we had to make her some gluten free pancakes and eggs so she could actually eat something) none of the bishop brick was there, and it finished in less than an hour! It was so weird! I felt like no one liked each other because the second people were done eating their pancakes they packed up and left! After we had put away everything one of the High Priest's wife grabbed the uneaten pancakes and started throwing them around like Frisbees with the missionaries and it was actually a lot of fun! But there was no way anyone was going to eat that pancake when we were done with it. Then we had a district meeting and we went to lunch. At lunch we ran into some members and they bought us lunch and we were asking them what their plans were and they said that they were going to be painting their shed so we offered to go by and help. It was so much fun and I absolutely loved being with them and doing service. After that we went to a BBQ with another family in the ward. And it was really hard to leave there because it felt like I was back at home and I felt so comfortable and at peace there. But that's not what missions are about so we went out and started talking to people setting off there fireworks. We walked past a huge Mexican family and we felt like we needed to go and talk to them but for some reason I had sooooo much anxiety about it that I almost started to cry, weird I know! But we didn't it anyway and we talked to them and they gave us tacos and we found a less-active member that is brother of one the Spanish Members! It was really cool! So all in all it was a really good day, even though we didn't get to see any fireworks or set of any either. :(
     Even though we were working hard this week it didn't really show up in our numbers. So we have to be on an improvement plan again. :( But that's okay, I'm not too worried about it I know that will be able to do a lot better this week and that the improvement plans are only there to help us. Love you all and I hope you have a good week!
Hermana Kammeyer

P.S.- A few weeks ago I said that everything is bigger in Kansas... well apparently the mosquitoes are hungrier here too! I have like 25 mosquito bites!
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