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Friday, August 15, 2014

August 4, 2014

Weekends... :)


     This week definitely had it's ups and downs! We started off the week with getting one of the investigators that had fallen off date (Haley) back on date and it was a absolute testimony builder for me. We stopped by Haley's house after District meeting on Tuesday and we were expecting her to be a little off put and like she didn't want to see us. But when we got there she was all smiles and super happy to see us. She then told us a story about what had happened the night before. She had found out that one of her really good friends had had a heart attack so she was super worried. She started to pray and then she told us that "For some reason I decided to pray about Joseph Smith. I never had before but I remembered you both telling me to do that so I did." She said that the first thought that came into her mind after that was to 'hold your daughter'. So once she was holding her daughter she started to feel better and then she had one word pop into her head. 'Yes'. Because of this experience she has a really strong testimony of Joseph Smith, which was something she didn't have before that! Now the next thing we have to get her to do is come to church and I know that if she does that she'll get baptized!

     For some reason when the weekend hits, it hits us hard! Friday and Saturday were both super rough! All of our appointments canceled on us and our back-ups fell through too! I fell off my bike and got a few cuts and bruises then Hermana Seigfried's tire popped and we had to walk the rest of the day. Then after we got her tire fixed the next day my tire popped! We had a lot of other disheartening things happen but that's not really important because we were able to push through and have a good outlook and keep our faith and spirits high. And I know that we were rewarded for that because we had an awesome Sunday! :)

     Oh, and on Saturday night we also volunteered at the rodeo here in Newton, which was so much fun! We helped out at the concession stand and we were able to teach two really good lessons while we were there. We you do things like service you don't always get to see the immediate results of your work. But you do put a good face for Mormons out there in the community! :)

    Well, that was pretty much my week. I hope you all are doing great and that you have a wonderful week! :)
Hermana Kammeyer

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