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Monday, June 22, 2015

June 15, 2015

So much Driving!!!

Hola Todos,

This week was sooooooooo soooooo busy!!! Whoa! It's was absolutely crazy! And full of so much driving.

We started off by going to Garden City for Stake and it was so much fun. We had a GIANT water balloon fight. It was so much fun! :) Loved it! And I was totally soaked! 

Wednesday we had exchanges with the STL's and I got to go to Dogde City with Hermana Fernandez!!!! Heavenly Father is just absolutely wonderful. It was one of the most precious experiences of my mission. I was so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be with my first companion again. Hermana Fernandez is such a spiritual giant, every time she opens her mouth the spirit just flows out. During the exchange we found this really cool family, the mom's name is Blanca and she is so kinda and they are just so prepared and we invited them to be baptized on the 4th of July and they accepted. 

Going back to Liberal was really hard. Not because I don't like Liberal but because I wouldn't get to be with Hermana Fernandez anymore. But the rest of that day was awesome! we had a member with us in all of our lessons! We also taught this awesome part member family, their names are Billy and Christina. I'll talk about them more later. We we left their house the Zone Leaders gave us a call and told us that we needed to go pick up the Sister Missionaries in Guymon Oklahoma because the Senior Missionaires had some pretty bad hail damage done to their car so they wouldn't be able to bring them up to Garden City the next day for Zone Conference. So at 9:30 at night we made the 45 minute drive to Guymon in a crazy lightening storm!!!! It was crazy cool!!!! the sky was lighting up for miles and it really showed me once again how cool Heavenly Father is! :)

Friday we had Zone Conference and I didn't realize until we got there that it would be my last Zone Conference! I learned so much and it definitely was the best Zone Conference I have ever been to. A tradition that we have here in the KWM is that when it's your last Zone Conference you have to get up and bare your "departing" testimony. It was so weird to have that experience and it just made me even more determined to not think about going home...ever. 

Saturday we did so much service!! Cutting down trees, Putting Shingles on a members roof, painting rooms...etc. It was so crazy and I was so tired afterwards I am surprized that I didn't fall asleep! The Elders had a baptism that night as well and it was of an older Mexican man named Carlos. The Spirit was so strong and you could just see how happy he was that he finally found the truth.

Sunday was great. Billy and Christina came to church!!!! Billy has been a member since he was young but fell away for along time and Christina is his girlfriend. Long story really short is that they both loved Church and Christina is working towards being baptized on the 11th of July! :) 

i love you all so much and I hope you all have a great week!!!!

Con Mucho Amor,

Hermana Kammeyer

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