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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 11, 2015

"Can I be Mormon too?"

Hola Todos!

This week absolutely flew by!! It was crazy how fast this week went!! It is scary how fast time is going especially since this is my last full week here in Wichita. :( I so don't want to leave!!!

So this weekend we were supposed to have baptized the Hernandez family. But on Monday when we went over to their house the son, Gabriel who's eight, asks, "Can I be Mormon too?" And we were like, "Of Course!!!!!" So this week we've been over at their house everyday to do teach him all of the lessons. It's really awesome though because this is like the 4th time that we will be going through the lessons with Vidi so she is going to have all of the missionary discussions down! :) They will be baptized this Sunday after Church and it's going to be a really awesome service because someone the Elders are teaching will also be baptized that day!!

Mother's day was great. We had all of the youth in the branch sing a song for their moms which was great, even though it was super last minute but that's just how things happen in Spanish Branches. :) They did great and then Hna Dahl and I did a duet. She played the Violin and I was on the piano. It actually sounded really good, not to tut my own horn. But it was so funny right after we finished there was an awkward pause and then people started clapping. We were like, "Oh no! Too many nonmembers and recent converts!" haha it was pretty funny and really weird at the same time. We don't really cover that in our lessons.... future reference, that might be something I would want to talk about. :) Then for dinner we had the weirdest food I've had my whole mission! Drum roll please ..... It was Frog Legs and Alligator! Super weird but good. And the funny thing was that the Elders were the ones making the big fuss and acting like "girls" about it. :)

So this week we are going to knock everything out of the ball park and leave everything out on the field as we wrap up this transfer. Once again, where has all of my time gone?!?!?
Mucho amor from the Heartland of America,
Hermana Kammeyer

We go tracking in the hood
Frog Legs for dinner, haha :)

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