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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

April 20, 2015

Listen to the Spirit!

Hola Todos!

     So this week passed so incredibly fast!! It's really scary how fast time is going by! We had of cool things happen this week... and some 'interesting' things as well.

     We started the week off with exchanges with the STL's and I went to Maize with Hna Jennings!! (CCM Reunion!) I was a little surprised at first because I thought they would have Hna Jennings come to our area to help Hna Dahl. It's a good thing that they didn't do that though because it gave Hna Dahl the opportunity to grow so much! She had a lot of success in our area that day and I was SO proud of her!! :) I on the other hand was bored out of my mind in an English area, even thought it was super awesome to be comps again with Hna Jennings I was really missing mi gente en la otra lado del cuidad!

     Thursday we had a really really crazy dinner with a member. The Elders were their and a recent convert and the dinner was sooo good then she asked if we wanted desert. We were all totally and she gave us a flan type thing. Then she asked if we wanted a sauce for it and then I got this really weird feeling about it. As she was pouring it on the other missionaries deserts she was saying things like "it's less than a beer" and I thought that she was joking about there being alcohol in it until she poured it over my piece of desert and it reeked of alcohol!! Elder Malo and I were the only ones who understood what was going on so our poor companions had already started to eat it when they noticed that we hadn't touched it. So long story short we ended up not eating the sauce and miraculously we didn't offend this member. Moral of the Story always listen to the Holy Ghost and make sure when people are talking about alcohol in your desert make sure they are joking before they pour it over your plate!

     Then on Thursday I had a really awesome experience. We were at a recent converts house and his family had been going through a lot and he was about to give up on everything. I was praying so hard because I had NO IDEA what I should do. Longer story short the Holy Ghost took over and saved the day. It was crazy to feel The Spirit work through me like that. Things like that have happened before on my mission but never that powerfully before. So my testimony that the Lord does fulfill his promises was strengthen so much because of this experience. :)

     The rest of the week was really good and we are going to continue to see more miracles in the week to come! :) I love you all so much and I hope that you have a wonderful week! :) Mucho amor de the Heartland of America!! :)
Hermana Kammeyer


We had a challenge to take weirdest picture on exchanges and this is what we came up with.
A member got us these awesome shirts! She found them at a gas station! #LifeinBibleBelt

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