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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 4, 2015

Holland for Dayz!

Buenas dias todos!

  Esta semana fue muy muy loco! Tuvimos muchas cosas para hacer y no tiempo para hacerlo! Okay since some of you don't know Spanish (This week was so crazy! We had so many things to do and no time to do them!)

  Everyday this week we were at the church for an activity with the branch, missionary meetings, and other special meetings. Even though our time to be out proselyting was cut short this week with all of the other things that we needed to do Heavenly Father still provided a way for us to accomplish everything that we needed to do!  

  If you haven't guessed it from the title of my email our mission had a VERY special visitor this weekend! ELDER JEFFERY R HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!! My head is still reeling from all of the things that I learned from him! Since we are in Wichita (a.k.a the promised land!) we got to see him 3 Days in a row! On Friday he gave a youth devotional and it was super good! He talked about how "... sometimes one is a multitude..." and when we stand up for what is right we are never alone. It was really good and we had a lot of recent converts and some of our investigators were there too, so double score! The only bummer was that since we're not  "youth" we had to sit in the back of the gym so I didn't get that High Definition shot that I'm used to with Conference. But that was all made up on Saturday when he met with the Missionaries! Everyone in the mission was there! Which never happens. And but some miracle, or maybe some thrown elbows, we got to sit in the second row! Then Heavenly Father totally answered one of my prayers when Elder Holland told us that he would like to shake his hand!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, I could've died, gone straight to the celestial Kingdom, I was so happy. Then on Sunday he gave another meeting for the whole Wichita stake!! So I'm still trying to process everything that I learned from him and the Spirit!

    This weekend two of our investigator are going to be baptized! And I am so incredibly happy for Heavenly Father giving me this opportunity to be apart of this experience! I love them so much and I know that this is only the beginning Heavenly Father has so much in store for them!!

  I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week! Keep the Faith and let you light shine!!

From the Heartland of America,
Hermana Kammeyer

  • All of my former companions!!! (Except Hna Wheadon)
  • Los jovens at the youth devotional by Elder Holland

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