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Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Another False Alarm

Hola Todos,

     This week was awesome! It just flew by, which is a little scary to see how fast my mission is going by. It's officially Spring time here in Kansas a.k.a. Tornado Season. :) Ah, It don't know if you all remember about the tornado scare that Hna Fernandez and I had last year but Hna Dahl and I had another one this week. On Wednesday everyone was like,"There is going to be a level 4 tornado today!" But the sky was nice and blue and it wasn't even windy! Then 5 o'clock rolled around and all of the sudden dark clouds started rolling in but it just looked like it was going to rain. Then it was the end of the day at Hna Dahl and I had just gotten home and we were grabbing something to eat and watch the Lightening storm that was going on outside when all of the sudden the Tornado Sirens went off!! Wow, let me tell you nothing will get your heart pumping faster than that!! We call the Branch Presidente to see if we could go to his house because he has a basement (we live on the top floor of an apartment building by the way). We knock on his door, I'm in my Pj's, and we soon find out that they hit the sirens for the wrong place and that the tornado touch down outside of the city so we were good. It was kinda of anticlimactic and a little embarrassing to see the Branch President in my Pj's.

     So This week we've been praying really hard that Heavenly Father would lead us to those that he has prepared and that are ready for baptism. Then on Saturday Morning we went to have a lesson with someone that we talked to briefly last week. And they're amazing! They are a really strong Christian family but they want more for their kids and the kids are so in touch with the Spirit it's incredible! They are now date for the 9th of Mayo and it was just a really big testimony builder to me that Heavenly Father is listening to our prayers and he is guiding us to his children (they live in an area that we never go to and it was a total random happenstance that we found them). We are also working with the family of our recent convert Vidi Hernandez and her family has so much potential and we are so excited!! :) We had a movie night with them last night and watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration (on Netflix, the church just got even more awesome!) and the spirit was really strong and they are now reading the Book of Mormon! :D

     We had a lot of other awesome things happen this week but it would take for ever to write them all, sorry. I hope you all have a great week and that you can let the light of Christ Shine through you!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Kammeyer

P.S.- We found out today that one of the 12 apostles is coming to the mission in May!!!!!! AH!!!!! So exciting!!!!


Zone P-day we went bowling. And I was the only one who didn't know that you didn't have to wear missionary clothes while bowling! So I bowled in a dress and still broke 100, woot woot! :)

Movie Night with Vidi and Family!
One of the Recent Converts went on team-ups with us and we got Ice Cream after :)

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