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Monday, March 23, 2015

March 9, 2015

Pass me the Ukelele man

Hola Todos!

     This week was really good. I can't really remember what happened earlier in the week other than that it was a good week. Sorry, I'm getting old so that means a really bad memory. :)

     So Saturday Morning I had a pretty crazy experience that I get to add to the journal. :) I got to translate for the Stake Relief Society auxiliary leadership training.... for three hours! My brain felt like mush but the time the meeting was over and I had a hard time speaking English the rest of the day. But the Gift of Tongues is real and it was super interesting to me and really spiritual to see everything that goes into the Relief Society. So, Mom you are awesome!

     Hna Dahl also got a Ukulele Sent to her this weekend so on Saturday Night we had a fun Ukulele jam session. You can expect to see our up coming hit single "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat," is stores near you soon! :) Haha

     Yesterday we had a totally left field miracle! The two investigators that we were expecting to be called and said that they were sick so we were pretty bummed that we weren't going to have anyone at Church but then a recent convert brought her grandma to Church and we started talking with her and she's really interested in learning about the gospel!! So Heavenly Father does definitely provide you with miracles if you are working hard.
The weather was also FANTASTIC this weekend! And usually I don't like daylight savings but now we have more light to work with so it is now officially awesome! We finished off the week with having Family Home Evening with a family of recent converts. We played a card game and talked about missionary work and it was so much fun. The kids loved it and just doing family home evening with them once really strengthened my testimony of how important it is. Family Fun Time is so important!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Adios from The Heartland of America!
Hermana Kammeyer

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