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Monday, March 23, 2015

March 2, 2015

Como se dice Barf?

Hola Todos,
     So this week was pretty good except for Friday but I'll get to that later. To start of the week we had an awesome Monday, it was super productive and even though we only had three hours to work we got a TON of work done which was awesome! So cool!
     Then on Tuesday we had exchanges with the STL's and it was really needed. Sister McClees came with me and it was really awesome to talk to her because she just got done training someone so she was able to give me some tips and tricks that I really needed to hear and it helped me realize even more how wonderful Hna Dahl is because she wants to work hard and I don't have to drag her out of bed or anything like that.
     The rest of the week was going pretty strong until Friday rolled up. If you've put two and two together from reading the subject of this email you've probably already figured out that I didn't have a very good day on Friday. I woke up and when I started to exercise I was feeling really weird and as the morning studies progressed I continued to get worse and worse. I was pretty convinced that I had gotten food poisoning from the night before (and because I laughed at the Spanish Elders for getting food poisoning earlier this week so I was just like "karma"). My body was being really stubborn and wouldn't let me just throw up so I could get on with the day so I prayed that I would feel better. And no joke right after I finished my prayer I pretty much started puking my brains out. So Heavenly Father can answer prayers immediately! :) Unfortunately it wasn't food poisoning but it was a 24 hour stomach flu. And to be short in writing the rest of the day was miserable a) because we had to stay inside ALL day b) I was throwing up and just sick all over!

Friday I woke up feeling a lot better, still a little queasy but I was not spending another day inside! And it felt so good to get out and work! I will never take another day of my mission for granted because it is the worst when you can't get out and share the gospel with people.
Sunday church was canceled. :( You can't get anybody to drive in the snow here... at least not in the Spanish Branch. So Sunday didn't really feel like Sunday at all! Whelp that is pretty much it for this week. To answer the question that posed in the subject line you say vomitar. :) (We actually had to look it up so I could call our appointments and cancel so that was a fun experience) I hope you all are doing well and I hope you know that I love you all so much! Espero que tengan un buen semana!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Kammeyer

Distrito 13c reunites again at the Quince last week.
Wichita has a lot of random murals
On exchanges we got lazy so we decided it would be easier to climb through the fence instead of walking around. :) 

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