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Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

 Total 180 from Last Week!

Hola, mis queridos!

     The week was AWESOME! It's amazing how much repentance changes things! As you know the last few week with Hna Guillen were a little rough. But we talked it out and repented and tried so much harder to do the Lord's will, be humble and work together. Not only could you see a drastic change in our numbers from last week but also in our attitude and level of happiness through out the week. It was a real testimony builder for me on how Heavenly Father only gives you challenges to help you be stronger!

     On Wednesday we had the annual Ward Trunk-o-Treat and it was great! Hna Guillen and I have been passing out invitations like crazy and getting members to invite their friends to it as well for like the past three weeks or so. There was a huge turn out and it was so fun to see all of the members in their Halloween Costumes. A ton of less actives showed up and even some of our investigators!We also had exchanges with the STL's and I stayed in Garden City and Sister Judy came here. It was a great exchange and she helped me out a lot and I am just so grateful for the wonderful leaders that we have in the mission.

     So Halloween was pretty boring actually.  :( We had dinner with a family of recent converts and the Elders. After dinner the Elders stayed to help them pass out candy and Hna Guillen and I felt a little like third wheelers so we left and went to the Mexican store and bought a bunch of Mexican Candy and then we went to back to our house (because if you didn't have an appointment you needed to be in your house). We actually had so treak-o-treaters and we passed out the candy that the members had been giving us through out the week for Halloween (those kids were not going to get the good stuff a.k.a. Mexican candy ).

     The highlight of the week definitely had to be when Consuelo was baptized on Sunday. Her baptism was originally planned to be on Saturday but the wife of the old Stake President passed away so there were having her funeral on Saturday. It was okay though because it gave us more time to get everything ready for Sunday. The whole service was in Spanish and it was AWESOME!!!! It was both mine and Hna Guillen's first Spanish baptism. There was a ton of none Spanish members there so it was cool to see them with the headphones on for the translation. Consuelo is so wonderful and I am so excited for her and I feel so privileged to have been apart of that whole process, from finding to teaching then to seeing her be baptized!

      Thank you all so much for your prayers and for your support! Keep the faith and let your light shine! Les amo muchisimo!!!
Con Amor:
Hermana Kammeyer

Consuelo on her baptismal day.
Hna Guillen and I with Consuelo the day before her baptism.
The Elders serving here in Garden City (and Emily) at the Trunk-o-Treat having fun with the fake mustaches that Mom sent me.

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