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Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 17, 2014

I could just cry... of Happiness!!! :)

Hola Todos!

     This week was amazing!!!!! It started off a little rough because we were struggling with how to exactly be a full-purpose missionary. Which we learned last week in Zone Conference and that pretty much just means that we need to be Finding, Teaching, Activating, Retaining, and Baptizing (or working towards it) in every moment of the day. Which is a lot harder than it sounds. But it's all good we're a little bit better on it now but we are still working on that.

     On Thursday we had to drive to Great Bend Kansas which is like two hours away so we could have a meeting with President Schwitzer who is a member of the second qourum of the seventy. He was touring our mission and he gave some trainings on using the Book of Mormon and it was amazing and it helped me so much! Even since then Hna Guillen and I have been focusing so much on Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon helps us come unto him. President Bell gave us a challenge to read the Book of Mormon before Christmas eve and he gave us two marking pencils Red- to mark scriptures about Christ and His Atonement and Green- to mark scriptures about faith. It's called the "Noche Blanca" (White Night- for all of the baptisms that we'll have on Christmas eve) Book of Mormon challenge and it has been so much fun for me. It's awesome how the scriptures come alive when you are looking for things as you read them. It's also been cool for me to see Hna Guillen getting really into this, she's been reading the Book of Mormon every free second she has! And the Spirit has been sooo much stronger with us these last few days.

     Heavenly Father has given us so many miracles, especially yesterday! We had a girl named Celine come into church without knowing anyone or anything about the church! It was awesome! She even stayed for the full three hours!!! So now she's a new investigator. Then later that night we went and saw Consuelo's son Cesar and his girlfriend April and they are just so ready to have the gospel in their lives! I almost cried like 3 times during that lesson because I just love them so much and I could feel the Spirit so strongly. They are on date for the 20th of December because they have to get divorce papers signed by April's ex-husband. But I'm not even worried because I have seen Heavenly Father do so many miracles for his children as they work to get baptized on my mission that I have no doubt that everything will work out and that they can get baptized on that date if not sooner.

     I love my mission so much! Thank you all for your love and support! Keep the faith and let your light shine!!!
Con Amor,
                                       Hermana Kammeyer
Sunrise on the way to Great Bend. The Sky is always the best part of Kansas

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