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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Septmeber 8, 2014

Garden City!
Hola, todos!

     This week has been full of so many changes but it has been a wonderful week! So Monday and Tuesday were filled with saying goodbye to Members and investigators, which took a ton of time but it was worth it because the people there in Newton are just so wonderful! But Hermana Seigfried and I were able to have a great lesson with a new investigator named Teri on Tuesday and oh my gosh she is incredible! Totes gonna be another Baptism for the Sisters in Newton! :)

     So on Wednesday we got everything loaded into the car and drove down to Wichita for the Transfer Devotional, which are always so much fun! We all get together and have lunch and then have a jam session, cuz there's just so many talented missionaries here in Kansas. And Hermana Seigfried and I sang a song that we wrote! So much Fun! Then we had the Trainer meets Trainee announcement thingy. And then there was a testimony meeting, super great! After all of that I got into a van with the other missionaries heading out West (and Elder Grow was in the van with me too! Mini CCM Reunion!) And we took the three hour drive out to Dodge City Kansas. On the way we stopped in the center of the United States, and there really was just a sign not all that exciting, haha. :) When we got to Dodge City I got to see Hermana Jennings!!! It was awesome! So cool to have her in my Zone again! It was another CCM reunion so Elder Grow, Hermana Jennings, and I all took a picture! 

     Then I got to meet my new companion Hermana Wheadon!
Hermana Wheadon is absolutely wonderful! She is so nice and is a great missionary. The last two transfers were really rough for her because the girl she was training was to put it nicely "not very nice." And she actually had to go home. So I've been praying really hard that I can help Hermana Wheadon recognize the wonderful missionary that she is, because this other Sister totally ruined her self confidence.

     The rest of the week was spent tracking, teaching, and speaking in Spanish. Garden City's population is like half Hispanic! It's AWESOME!!! :) I love it here in Garden City! The ward is sooooo missionary minded it amazing! And they do everything in English and Spanish: sacrament prayers, Hymns, Relief Society Lessons... etc. I feel so blessed to be here!

     Love you all and I hope you have a great week!!  

Hermana Kammeyer

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