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Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 15, 2014

ET: Emergency Transfer
Hola Todos!

     Well, there was some drastic changes this week. This week was running so smoothly and then we got a call from the AP's on Thursday (you never want to get a call from the AP's) I literally felt my heart drop because I knew what was coming. Hermana Wheadon was getting ET (Emergency Transfered) to Guymon, OK. It was so rough! I felt like I had just made a new best friend for life and she was getting taken away from me after only one week! :(
So luckily Hermana Wheadon and I had committed to be apart of the Ward Fiesta on Saturday so she got to stay here until Sunday instead of leaving on Friday. The other Sisters that were getting emergency transfered got to stay the weekend with us, which was a little weird because I had Hermana Wheadon and Hermana Guillen my new companion there, so I was pretty much torn in half as to who was my companion this weekend.

     The Fiesta was great and so much fun! It was to celebrate Mexican Indepence day which is the 16th. It was so much fun! I don't know how well I did on the Mexican dance thingy but the experiene is what counts, right? :)

     Sunday was a lot of goodbyes for Hermana Wheadon. It was really hard for her to leave, she has such a big heart and loved everyone in this ward so much, I definitely have big shoes to fill! After Church the four of us Sisters pilled into the ZL's Jeep and headed down to Guymon. It was an 1 hr and 45 min drive so I'm glad that I had all of the experience making long drives from college cuz Hermana Guillen and I spent like 4 hours driving yesterday. Which was hard because it took so much time out of our day.

     Hermana Guillen has spent some time here in Garden City before on exchanges so when you add all of that experience up we have about two weeks worth of knowledge and experience here between the two of us. :) So this next week is going to difinitely be an adventure! :)

     I love you all so much! And I hope that you have a great week! Keep the faith, let your light shine, and Go Give 'em HEAVE!!!! :)

 Hermana Kammeyer  
Hermana Wheadon and I in our Mexican dance costumes
Me, Hermana Guillen, Hermana Wheadon, and Hermana Brusch on our way to Guymon
Hermana Wheadon and I at the fiesta while all of the members were having fun dancing.

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