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Thursday, September 25, 2014

August 25, 3014

Hutch got a piece of the Berlin Wall too!

     It's seems like the longer I'm on my mission the harder it is for me to be motivated to write my weekly emails. But I just need to endure to the end and just keep typing. :)
Well, since I ran out of time last week I'll just give a brief update on how that week went. We had Zone P-Day on Monday so we went out to Hutchinson and visited the Cosomphere which is a aerospace museum. It was a lot of fun and it was a really good museum, even though it's in Kansas, and they even had a part of the Berlin Wall as part of one of the exhibits. Super Cool!! :) We also had Specialized Training which was super good and I learned so much. One thing that Pres. Bell talked about was do not, not invite people to be baptized because when you do that your denying them spiritual growth. That hit me really hard and I thought about Rebekah Carter's grandchild Dakota and how we haven't been preparing him for baptism just because it's hard to keep his attention. So the rest of the week we spent teaching Dakota and his sister Shea (who just turned 8 yesterday) for their baptism this Saturday.
     So fast forward to this week. It has been kinda of a weird week for our district because one of our Zone Leaders died (Mission lingo for 'went home'). With more than half of us being newer missionaries, 6 out of 8 of us, with not even 8 months under our belts it was super weird to see someone go back to regular life. So that took a few days to get out of that funk. And speaking of another funk, everyone except our district leader is sick. But the work continues and we had a great week, albeit a little slow but still great. It's been a real challenge trying to figure out how to teach Dakota and Shea because they have like absolutely no attention-span. So we've been using a lot of Mormon messages and activities. Yesterday we taught my most favorite lesson so far on my mission. We were trying to think of a way to teach Dakota and Shea about the Plan of Salvation when Hermana Seigfried and I received some divine revelation. We were going to be having the lesson at the church so we decided to a obstacle course/ object lesson using the different rooms in the building. Long explanation short it was SUPER awesome and they really loved it!
Also yesterday I taught Spanish Sunday School! It was a little stressful especially since I only had personal study time that morning to prepare for it. But the Gift of Tongues is real and Heavenly Father helped me out so much, and so did my wonderful companion Hermana Seigfried.
     So that's pretty much it for this week and last week! I hope you are all doing well and les quiero muchismo! :)

Hermana Kammeyer

Me touching the Berlin Wall ... in Kansas
McPherson District: Elder Heath's last day. We pulled his plug :)

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