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Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Heavenly Father is the BEST!!! :)


     Wow, so this week totally flew by and I can't believe that it's Mondayalready! I'm just going to skip to the middle of the week because that's when things got interesting.
On Thursday Kelly came home from Rehab!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness we were so excited to see her again! And so were our Zone leaders and District Leader. Some baptisms that were played for Saturday fell through so they were super pumped that Kelly was coming back so that maybe she could get baptized a week early and they would be able to reach the district/ zone goal for baptisms in the month of May. It was kind of annoying because they kept calling us every hour or so to see if we has visited her yet (even though they knew that we were going to see her at7:30).

     Anyways when we finally did see her she was leaving her house to go pick up her medicine from the grocery store so we only talked to her really briefly and she looks so different!!!! Her face just radiates this inner light!!! I know that it has always been there but the alcohol was distinguishing it. We wait for her to come back from the store so we could talk to her about her baptism and rehab and all that fun stuff. And while we were waiting I was jumping around like a total weirdo and like fist bumping the air and being all "This is why we have the Word of Wisdom!!!" and "Heavenly Father is the best!!!"

     When she got back from the store we talked to her about her experiences at rehab and about what we've been up to since she left. Then we talked to her about her baptism and she was more comfortable with doing it on the 7th of June than on May 31st. Which was totally understandable, she would've had three days to get ready for it. I think that this the right time for her and it gives us enough time to get her prepared for in and to go over everything again, you know so the alcohol doesn't interfere with her understanding.
Now we're just working out the details, like her time for the baptismal interview, who is baptizing her and all those fun things! I am so glad that rehab worked and that I get to see her be baptized and be apart of this process!!

     Okay the other fun thing that happened this weekend was that we had a Mini Missionary with us! The Wichita Stake did an activity were the youth ages 16-19 that were thinking about going on missions went with the missionaries for the weekend and got to experience what mission life is like. It was a little last minute for the missionaries (of course) because we didn't know about it until Wednesday and we got them on Friday. But everything worked out great and we had a great time with our little Mini Missionary!

     Something that we've been focusing on this week is the Power and Authority of our Calling. One of the AP's told us this, "You have more authority than all the ministers and pastors of the world. Even if the Pope himself was here in this room you would have more power and authority than him. Because you have been called by God to do his work." This is something that I hadn't really thought about before this week. But I've come to realize that this is so true. We are God's instruments to bring to pass the salvation of man. This week during our lessons we have been reemphasizing that we are Representatives of Christ and that we are here doing God's work. And you would not believe how much power that sentence has!! So I know that as I continue to have exact obedience Heavenly Father is going to continue to bless me with his power and I will keep seeing miracles here!
Well, that's pretty much it for this week! I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!!
Hermana Kammeyer

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