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Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Greenie Fire is Real!!


     Wow, this week has been full of changes but it's been a great week! Monday was pretty chill. Just helped Hermana Fernandez get everything ready for her transfer out to Guymon, OK. She was pretty nervous about going there but I have no worries I know that she is going to great things there!

     Tuesday was crazy we spent all day running around Newton trying to say good byes to as many people as possible! Our day was so jammed packed that we didn't even get back to our apartment until 9:45! I know, I know, exact obedience but it wasn't my fault that the last family we were with didn't understand that we needed to be home by 9:30! I totally felt like I was going to be struck by a lightening bolt on our car ride home or that we were going to have an accident just because we didn't get back to the apartment by 9:30! I can now totally testify about the importance of being exactly obedient in life because that felt awful!!

     Wednesday was actually really fun. We woke up and exercised and I taught Hermana Fernandez how to Kick-Box and some other things that I learned from by aerobics classes in College. It was so much fun I couldn't stop laughing! :) After that Hermana Fernandez finished packing and then we heading over to the Mission Office in Wichita. It was a really big transfer meeting and I got to see Hermana Jennings and Elder Grow!!!! It was so good to see them it was like a family reunion! :) Then we had lunch and a lot of missionaries performed songs that they had written for the Mission CD and it was a ton of fun to listen to all of the talented missionaries here in the KWM. After that we had a devotional/testimony meeting were we heard from President Bell, the new missionaries, and the departing missionaries. After that we said our goodbyes and then Hermana Seigfried and I came back to Newton.

     Hermana Seigfried is so awesome!! She is so passionate! We both pretty much had the exact same experience during our training so we have the same goals for this transfer and we both want to become a super lovingly bold Preach My Gospel Missionary. I was pretty worried about the language thing at the beginning of the week and when I found out that Hermana Seigfried has a hard time understanding what people say. But never fear we are being so blessed right now! Heavenly Father has been giving us the gift of Tongues like Crazy!! It is hard not having someone who is fluent in the lessons but it is really making us grow so much faster! It's like throwing a kid into a pool, either they figure out how to swim or they drown.... maybe that's not the best analogy.... well we are definitely swimming. We may not be Michael Phelps but we are definitely working towards that goal! Speaking of goals, it's been crazy going over to the Spanish Members house this last week! They have had the World Cup on 24/7!!! Ugh, it's so hard not to watch when you have a bunch of people gushing over a goal that was just scored!!!

     So everything is going well here in Newton. Hermana Seigfried and I have the Greenie Fire burning! So even though we are both right out of training we have so energy and desire to work hard and see miracles and baptize all of Newton!! :)
Love you all and I hope that you have a fantastic week!

Hermana Kammeyer 

P.S.- There are fire flies here in Kansas!!! They are soooooo cool!!! I wanna catch one and name it Ray! :)

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